Paint Tech ATSM 1st Shift

  • Company: Johnson Controls
  • Location: Marinette, Wisconsin
  • Posted: December 14, 2017
  • Reference ID: 156275
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The Systems Painter working under the direction of the Engineered Systems Supervisor prepares surfaces for painting, mixes paint, spray paints fire equipment and cylinders, lines tanks, regulates and cleans ovens, cleans and performs minor maintenance on equipment and paint booths. The Painter inspects for imperfections and defects on fire equipment cylinders, tanks, and other Systems products prior to and following painting. This position requires Associates placed in the position to successfully complete specific training. These training requirements can be located on the Marinette Operations Training Matrix.

Comply with the following Environmental, Health and Safety duties as a condition of employment:
• Comply with safety rules
• Attend and Participate in Safety Training
• Participate actively in the safety process
• Ask questions if something isn't known
• Report all accidents and injuries immediately
• Submit suggestions to improve safety
• Know responsibilities in the event of an emergency (i.e. what to do in the event of an alarm for fire, chemical spills, tornados, etc.)
• Be a coach to others who are acting unsafely
• Must have Lock-out tags after 6 months?
• Attend and participate in all hazardous and non-hazardous waste trainings.
• Ability to recognize chemical hazardous labels.
• Spill management and clean-up.
• Air shutoff locations.
• Capability to follow satellite accumulation rules and requirements.
• Proficiency to recognize hazardous wastes in your area and manage properly.
Must be 18 years of age and have a HS Diploma or equivalent. The Painter must be able to read and apply simple math, setting proportions etc. He/she must be able to handle light, average and heavy weights. Also, he/she must be able to work standing, bending, stooping and assuming a variety of uncomfortable positions. The Painter works with electrostatic paint systems and uses hoists. This position requires the employee to wear a positive pressure air supply hood or air purifying respirator when painting. Thus, the employee must pass a pulmonary function test on an annual basis.

1. Using spray gun or electrostatic paint gun, paints all Unit requirements such as tanks, pipes, shells, skids, and wheels. Also uses a brush for touch up work.
2. Prepares surfaces for painting by cleaning off dirt, grease or grit blaster sand from the surfaces using solvents, wire brushes, steel wool and an air gun. Also uses hand sander, files and grinders in the surface preparation. Fills in dented surfaces with "green stuff" or body putty. Sands surface to desired smoothness. Caulks hose reel for corrosion resistant painting.
3. Applies masking tape to all surfaces which are designated as areas not to be painted. Uses plastic plugs to cover pipe ends and valve ends. Uses a pipe to cover axles on steel units.
4. Following written instructions, mixes a variety of primers and paints to attain the proper viscosity and/or color. Will also use a paint heater to attain proper viscosity and spray ability.
5. Regulates the air gun, electrostatic gun, paint pot, and electrostatic control module to control the width and pressure of the spray according to various painting techniques.
6. Adjusts oven to proper temperature and moves painted equipment by using hand carts into and out of the oven at proper intervals. Rolls cylinders by hand.
7. Uses a hand sander or grinder to remove painting errors from shells, tanks, pipes, skids or wheels which require rework.
8. Frequently will hang parts such as piping and other small parts on carts.
9. Cleans and performs minor maintenance on all painting equipment including paint booths. Scrapes loose paint off of louvers and greased walls as well as the troughs and other areas around the exhaust systems. Relines the other walls within the paint booths with a plastic coating.
10. Moves all Unit requirements into and out of paint booths using the wheeled carts and air driven hoists to maneuver equipment. Also hand rolls cylinders into and out of the paint booths.
11. Sprays several coats of phenolic lining into all 50, 100 and 200 gallon tanks using a special spray gun to insure proper coverage. Frequently caulks the welds on the inside of the tanks prior to spraying by using a brush on a curved rod or with a sponge.

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