Assistant Model Validation Officer

First Level Officer, Assistant Model Validation Officer The Assistant Model Validation Officer is responsible for assisting in the independent testing model and performing rigorous assessments of data quality as well as report modeling development and implementation.

Position Responsibilities: 1. Independent Model Validation: - Assist in the independent model testing including evaluation of conceptual soundness and developmental evidence, checking the model's accuracy, demonstrating that the model is robust and stable, assessing potential limitations, and evaluating the model's behavior over a range of input values. - Perform rigorous assessment of data quality and assumptions relevance, and appropriate documentation especially where management judgment is used

-Perform advanced quantatitive assessments of all aspects of credit decision models, included but no limited to theoretical aspects, model design and implementation, data integrity and reliability, standard model performance test (KS, AR, Somers'D) and back end reports (PSI, Concentration analysis). 2. Model Risk Governance and Reporting: - Responsible for assisting in reporting model development, implementation, use, independent validation and controls.

Relocation Relocation assistance is not provided for this position.

Travel Travel is not required of this position.

- Bachelor's degree and two years modeling experience OR Master's degree from an accredited university in a quantitative field such as statistics, operations research, quantitative finance, econometrics, applied mathematics, engineering or related field - 6 months of experience in using advanced analytical methods in solving complex problems - 6 months of experience in quantitative analysis - 6 months of experience with SAS and other modeling or statistical software

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled

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