Atlanta Based Beverage Plant Safety & Security Manager

  • Company: Coca-Cola
  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Posted: January 27, 2017
  • Reference ID: 39269
The Safety and Security Manager for the Atlanta Beverage Base Plant and its subsidiary locations is responsible for the design, development and implementation of required safety, health, and security programs and processes. These programs are required to protect the safety and health of employees, comply with good environmental practices; ensure security of ingredients, products and facility and compliance with applicable regulations. This role will lead projects that impact plant operations including the implementation of regulatory and risk reduction processes. The successful candidate must be able to confront and de-escalate potential issues as they occur.

Function Related Activities / Key Responsibilities:

  • Establish, conduct or respond to health and safety assessments/analyses in plant (e.g., medical surveillance, worker exposure, defining drug/alcohol testing protocol) to minimize health and safety risks.
  • Develop implementation strategies, implement, evaluate and/or certify effective implementation of company requirements (KORE) and applicable regulations.
  • Conduct risk assessment by identifying and assessing potential magnitude of risk (e.g., environmental, safety, regulatory, production feasibility and quality) and creating contingency plans.
  • Prepare for plant emergency situations in plant by establishing medical response program and emergency response organization.
  • Apply for, file, maintain and renew operating/regulatory permits or certificates to ensure compliance with company, government or other regulations.
  • Develop, implement or maintain equipment/process inspection programs (e.g., writing protocols, conducting inspections) in labs or plants in order to identify potential health, safety or security hazards.
  • Contribute to safety training by identifying training needs (e.g., analyze trends/compliance), communicating goals and standards, working with managers to educate associates, delivering training or evaluating training programs.
  • Implement, maintain and audit plant security and loss prevention programs (e.g., update contracts with security force, coordinate security access to facility, determine fire/security specifications for plant expansions).
  • Determine, implement or evaluate effectiveness of corrective action to remedy safety issues.
Education Requirements: Bachelor's Degree or equivalent work experience.

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