Aviation Sr Scheduler

  • Company: PepsiCo
  • Location: White Plains, New York
  • Posted: December 07, 2016
  • Reference ID: 108367BR
  • Schedule and coordinate use of PepsiCo aircraft and crews to support high-priority travel for Company executives.
  • Assist requesters with trip planning to make efficient use of time and resources.
  • Flight-follow aircraft and coordinate changes in the itinerary or passenger manifest with the crew and others, as required.
  • Record completed flight activity in the computer scheduling program.
  • Provide on-call scheduling support when assigned to stand-by duty during non-business hours, weekends, and holidays.
  • Answers the scheduling phone line and responds to requests for use of PepsiCo aircraft.
  • Records and updates all available information regarding a trip request in the computer scheduling system.
  • Notifies the Manager of Flight Scheduling, the base Manager of Flight Operations, and the Director of Aviation of all requests for international travel, non-business (personal) travel, or potential use of charter aircraft.
  • Coordinates with the base Manager of Maintenance to provide an aircraft that is suitable for the intended trip.
  • Coordinates with the base Manager of Flight Operations to provide crewmembers for the intended trip.
  • If the request conflicts with another request, refers to the PepsiCo Aircraft Users Prioritization and Authorization Listing to determine which trip can be supported.
  • If Aviation resources are not available to support a trip, works with the requester to explore alternative dates and/or times, or to determine if charter service is a suitable option. If requested, gets charter quotes and assists with booking.
  • When a trip is confirmed, works with the requester and/or passengers to finalize the itinerary, passenger list, catering and other service requests.
  • Ensures that passengers have current passports, visas, and other personal documents required for international travel.
  • Arranges landing and departure slots at required airports.
  • Time permitting, may arrange hotel reservations, ground transportation, and/or airline reservations for PepsiCo employees.
  • Posts the aircraft and crew schedule and updates it as soon as changes become known.
  • Conducts pre-departure briefing for crewmembers and ensures they have a current package of trip documents.
  • Conducts flight following of PepsiCo aircraft and informs others of the aircraft position and status.
  • Coordinates enroute changes in the itinerary and passenger manifest. Determines how changes may affect other scheduled events and notify the appropriate managers.
  • Tracks the weather daily as it relates to the flight schedule.
  • Formulates contingency plans for mechanical and weather delays.
  • Records completed trip information in the computer scheduling system and generates reports for distribution and required files.
  • Assists in preparing reports of division use for management summaries and period charge backs.
  • Provides ongoing liaison with executive assistants regarding daily flight activity, as well as policies and limitations of aircraft and crews that could affect service.


  • Two years of aircraft scheduling/dispatch experience.
  • Two years experience of direct interaction with travel coordinators - preferably dealing with top-level executives.
  • Two years experience using a computer flight scheduling and records-keeping system, demonstrating a thorough understanding of its use.
  • Experience with international trip planning (desired).
  • Demonstrates a comprehensive knowledge of the PepsiCo Aviation Department Policies and Procedures Manual, CFRs, and other regulations applicable to the aviation environment.
  • Proficiency in people skills when interacting with others, both inside and outside the department.
  • Ability to communicate well with others-both conversationally, and in writing.

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