Batching/Slurry/Ingredient Receiving Operator
Mechanicsburg , Pennsylvania
May 06, 2017

We are seeking a Batching/Slurry/Ingredient Receiving Operator likely for a back shift.


Material Handler position is comprised of bulk unloading, batching, slurry, and receiving responsibilities.  Must be able to operate computerized auto batching and slurry batching systems, understand formulas, and keep processing systems full of feed and slurry.  Responsible for the sampling and testing of all incoming ingredients and the unloading of bulk ingredients and packing supplies.  Maintain communication with other material handlers and keep a safe and clean work area.

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES:                               

Bulk Unloading

1.  Sample dry and liquid trucks and rail before unloading

2.  Measure liquid tanks, monitor temperature, fill out daily paperwork, track sheet, truck log, tank measurement and distribute.

3.  Unload phos acid, choline chloride.

4.  Use correct procedures for steaming fat rail cars and trucks.

5.  Communicate with other material handling operators

6.  Enter manifolds into Prism and Batching computer and QA computer.

7.  Clean up unloading shed, track areas, liquid unloading building, and liquid storage areas.  Maintain fat hoses, steam hoses, traps, and fittings.

8.  Communicate with guard, buyer, truckers, team leaders, and sanitation

9.  QA - screen test, moisture, (NIR, Computrac). Fat test - sample, color, FFA. IV-run blanks, make up chemicals, keep chemicals full, test bottles for right amount of chemicals. Save sample for Lab Analyst for fat test, etc., protein, etc.

10. Maintain Shuttle Wagon.


1.  Keep processing units supplied with feed as needed.

2.  Check and maintain correct paperwork, daily log, batching sheet.

3.  Communicate with shift supervisors, scale operator from other shifts, extruder operators, and bulk unloader.

4.  Correct traceability procedures.

5.  Responsible for weighing up and dumping hand adds.

6.  Responsible for maintaining and cleaning work area.

7.  Transfer hand add ingredients from warehouse to scale and return when not in use.

8.  Transfer fines to bins.

9.  Correct operation of the batching systems.


1.  Setup and operate slurry system.

2.  Use turn-a-load clamp on fork truck to feed meat into whole pallet meat breaker

3.  Maintain batteries on fork truck

4.  Maintain sanitation in slurry kitchen


1.  Unload trucks of frozen ingredients, packing supplies, coupons, stickers, premiums, and put in proper place

2.  Enter all unloading into computers

3.  Sample and test frozen ingredients before unloading.

4.  Touch base and work with packing supply coordinator.

5.  Take inventories

6.  Insure that we have supplies to run schedule.

OTHER DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (List job duties which may be important to the performance of the job, but are not principal job functions).

Close communication with team leader, other material handlers, quality assurance.

Must be able to climb ladders on trucks, rail cars storage tanks, and equipment in order to perform this job.

Must maintain accurate quality and unloading records.

Monitors unloading equipment for unusual noises, leaks and proper operation.

Monitors heating fat cars to ensure they do not overheat and spill.

Transfer supplies in and out from storage to meet demands.

Must be able to lift up to 75 pounds on a routine basis.

Must be able to push/pull up to 100 pounds on a routine basis.

Candidates must be able to demonstrate a history of good work attendance, good communication skills, the ability to work well with others, and the willingness to work overtime, weekends, and holidays.


Education: High School Diploma/GED

Experience (Years/Type) 2 years manufacturing experience.  Food manufacturing or relative production/manufacturing experience preferred.

Skills:  Must be literate and able to calculate totals, percentages, and operate some computerized equipment and forklift.  Must be able to develop a daily work plan and be able to adjust as fluctuations in business dictate.   Must possess good interpersonal and communication skills to deal effectively with internal and external people.

A little about us:
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