Cardiovascular Services Director

  • Company: Hospital Corporation of America
  • Location: Denver, Colorado
  • Posted: October 19, 2017
  • Reference ID: 03166-66811
Hospital care in the heart of Denver

Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center (P/SL) provides state-of-the-art, complex medical care in the heart of Denver's Uptown neighborhood. Our hospital and emergency room treat patients from all over the Rocky Mountain region. We offer a range of services, including pediatric, high risk pregnancy, heart care and weight loss solutions.

Our full-service facility also offers a Cancer Center distinguished by the Commission on Cancer as a Center of Excellence, with the largest Bone Marrow Transplant Center in the Rocky Mountain region. P/SL holds centers of excellence designations in neonatal intensive care, spine and joint care and bariatric surgery as well as stroke certification and level IV trauma.

This position supports the mission of Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center of optimizing the quality of life of all those served by expanding beyond the traditional focus on medical care to meet the needs of the whole person. The Cardiovascular Services Director is responsible for the oversight and strategic growth of the Cardiovascular Service Line at P/SL. The director is responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating and directing all functions of the Cardiovascular Service Line. The Cardiovascular Services Director will promote, advocate and support the commitment to protect the health, safety and rights of the individual, family or community. It is expected that the Director will effectively operate the service line, integrate cardiovascular services into the organization's overall plan for delivery of care and service, and coordinate/integrate services with each hospital's primary function. Work with senior leadership, department directors, unit managers and program coordinators across facilities to streamline processes, develop best evidence-based clinical protocols and facilitate cardiovascular patient care. Update current cardiovascular plans and coordinate implantation of plan for cardiovascular services at each facility. Identify cost-effective systems needed to support the services taking into account business trends, resource availability and changes in customers. Establish effective working relationships with all constituencies, including patients, physicians, employees, volunteers, vendors and referring facilities. Develops and manages referral networks for the provision of services. Evaluates opportunities to implement new technology/services to differentiate and drive service volume. Assist in physician recruitment to support service line development. Facilitate business relationships with physicians on campus and from referring hospitals. Develop/implement policies/procedures that guide/support the provision of services. Coordinate service line development throughout the continuum of care placing patient safety as the primary goal. Develop care/treatment/services within the nursing theoretical framework of modeling and role-modeling. Plan, implement, revise and delegate nursing care with patient safety as the primary goal. Recommend a sufficient number of qualified/competent staff to provide department services in support of provision of services and determine the qualifications/competence of personnel. Implement/maintain quality control and clinical outcomes programs. Coordinate physician and community educational program. Assist with marketing efforts for the service line. Develop/strengthen relationship with EMS providers. Recommend space and other resources needed in the provision of services.

Essential Skills and Abilities:
• In depth knowledge of Cardiovascular standards of care and regulatory issues.
• In depth and up-to-date knowledge of the financial environment of healthcare, in particular Cardiovascular care.
• Excellent skills in computer technology.
• Knowledge and skills in adult learning, and effective teaching and mentoring skills.
• Knowledge and skill necessary to address age appropriate considerations related to the communication and safety needs of the patient populations served at the facility.
• Self-directed and has the ability to meet goals with little supervision.
• Proactive mindset.
• Analytical and problem-solving skills, including knowledge of statistics.
• Strong organizational skills, including the ability to plan, implement, and follow-up, the ability to focus, and research skills.
• Solid communication skills, including listening and validation, written and spoken skills, tact and diplomacy, presentation skills.
• Ability to work as a team member and to promote teamwork.
• Complete professionalism, including the qualities of confidence, motivation, accountability, integrity, and humility; always maintains confidentiality; Practices business diversity.
• Effective skills in conflict management.
• The ability to establish and maintain strong relationships through outstanding personal skills, including objectivity, flexibility, patience, trustworthiness, and sincerity.
• Cardiovascular Nursing Units

Areas of Responsibility:
• Community Outreach
• Chest Pain Center/Stroke Certification/Cardiac Alerts
• Non-invasive Cardiology services (EKG, Stress, Holter, Echocardiography)
• Cardiac Cath Lab
• Echocardiography
• Cardiovascular Operating Room
• Cardiovascular Nursing Units
• Congestive Heart Failure/Dyspnea Clinic
• Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic
• Cardiovascular/Stroke Nurse Practitioner Program

Job Knowledge:
• Completes position responsibilities following established guidelines and protocols within the appropriate time frame.
• Meets deadlines
• Demonstrates the ability to set priorities
• Performs well in stress and emergency situations
• Ensures accuracy and completeness of work performed
• Follows established procedures performing job functions
• Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of cardiovascular/pulmonary standards of care
• Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of work practices
• Is knowledgeable of emergency procedures
• Is knowledgeable of new technology

• Provides effective and responsive leadership for Cardiovascular services.
• Demonstrates qualities of a role model, clearly focused on the goals and objectives of cardiovascular and the facility.
• Supportive of the organization internally and externally. Takes pride in the image of the organization and displays an optimistic attitude.
• Articulates the future vision to all levels of the organization, including development and implementation of new services.
• Comfortable with change and can lead processes through to completion.
• Accurately assesses, plans, designs, integrates, coordinates, and directs services, using a collaborative process, according to the scope of service offered by each department that is consistent with resource allocation, organizational policies and operational plans.
• Oversees all management functions related to the service area including budget, payroll, staffing, scheduling and delivery of care, performance evaluations and competencies, and safety plans.
• Demonstrates cost-effective approaches to delivery of services.
• Maintains professional education and participates in professional organizations appropriate to the position and cardiovascular/pulmonary services.
• Excels in proactive use of time and demonstrates exceptional organization skills, including prioritization.
• Effectively leads and promotes good outcomes in committees responsible for.
• Counsels and mentors associates and provides for professional growth opportunities.

Communication, Interpersonal Skills, and Teamwork:
• Demonstrates excellent skills in all forms of communication, and works well with others in the spirit of teamwork and cooperation.
• Demonstrates effective verbal and written skills, including the ability to write extensive proformas, proposals, and reports, the ability to deliver effective presentations and speeches, and the ability to share this knowledge with others.
• Effectively presents information regarding complex issues and subjects. Helps other team members to grasp and understand issues.
• Fosters teamwork and collaboration within cardiovascular services and other facility departments.
• Leads multidisciplinary team efforts for cardiovascular services.
• Maintains confidentiality of patient and employee information in verbal, written, and electronic information. Compliant with all HIPPA regulations.
• Communicates problems, work flow, opportunities for improvement, and other relevant issues to leader and others as appropriates.
• Provides constructive input, suggestions, and support to foster process improvement within departments.
• Consistently displays behavior that enhances the image of the organization as evidenced by professional and courteous behavior toward all customers.
• Demonstrates respect for others' opinions, judgment, and capabilities.
• Resolves effectively conflict with others. Assists others appropriately to address issues and works to resolve concerns in a manner to show dignity and respect to all parties.

Improving Organization Performance and Customer Service:
• Maintains organizational performance goals.
• Proactively supports the delivery of quality of service and promotes this as a fundamental value of employment at the facility.
• Assesses, plans, and develops standards and measurement tools to assess and improve staff and hospital performance in the care of cardiovascular patients and patient safety.
• Utilizes HCA initiatives and resources in promoting improvement in cardiovascular patient outcomes.
• Maintains appropriate regulatory compliance. Knowledgeable of legal and ethical obligation of the work and serves as a resource to team members. Identifies and reports instances of impropriety through approved mechanisms. Functions as a role model of personal and professional integrity.
• Oversees a service safety plan to reduce hazards and risks, prevent accidents and injuries, and maintain safe conditions for staff, patients, and physicians.
• Assists team in identifying and complying with policies and regulatory standards of appropriate and adequate documentation.
• Continuously improves service outcomes by overseeing development and follow-through of improvement opportunities that are consistent with the hospital mission, vision, and scope of services and with the HCA corporate vision.
• Acts as a role model for staff on responsiveness to customer satisfaction issues, routinely meeting and exceeding customer expectations.
• Actions reflect an excellent understanding of customer service: resolves difficult or challenging situations in an innovative manner; consistently plans ahead to decrease inconveniences to customers.
• Sets clear goals and expectations for customer service within the team. Shares customer service information. Provides resources necessary to meet customer service goals.
• Demonstrates a high degree of sensitivity for privacy and confidentiality. Treats customers with dignity and respect and holds team members accountable to the same standards.

Planning and Resource Management:
• Develops strategic and budget planning for the service.
• Demonstrates excellent resource management, including awareness of cost and reimbursement implications for the facility. Serves as role model for others in this area.
• Utilizes data available in planning and decision making for the service. Monitors volumes, outcomes, customer service, and payer mix.
• Assesses department staffing needs and communicates needs appropriately. Facilitates appropriate training and educational opportunities for staff for maintenance of competency. Participates in recruitment and retention efforts for staff.
• Monitors changes in markets served and reacts appropriately, including changes in technology, trends in volumes and treatment options, opportunities for growth. Actively searches for new markets and growth opportunities.
• Uses available resources and marketing information to develop effective service promotions and marketing plans.
• Interacts with external suppliers to promote the hospital's ability to maintain and expand market share.
Licensure/Certification/Registration: Current licensure in the state of Colorado as a Registered Nurse. Current BLS certification. Other specialty certifications as required by unit.

Graduate of an accredited school of nursing; BSN required. Masters degree preferred.

At least two years acute care/specialty nursing is desirable in area of specialty. At least one year previous experience in charge/supervisory or management position.

Special Qualifications:
Demonstrates good organizational skills. Provides safe and appropriate care within the Standards of Nursing practice at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center. Demonstrates good critical thinking skills. Communicates positively and professionally with all internal and external customers. Able to articulate and demonstrate knowledge of nursing theory and practice.

Degree of Supervision Required:
Involves general guidance and direction by the COO. Employee will be expected to perform most job duties independently and in accordance with established departmental and hospital policies and procedures.

Ages of Patients Served:
This position requires knowledge of growth and developmental needs of patients and families. Personnel in this position must recognize and respond to the behaviors of patients and families in each age category. The employee must be able to demonstrate the special skills required to care for patients and their families according to standards. (The skills and knowledge needed to provide such care may be gained through education, training or experience.)

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