Chemical Control Operator
Boston , Massachusetts
October 22, 2017


Responsible for the safe and efficient operational activities for the Mystic 7 generating facility. The facility is a nominal 565 MW oil/natural gas fueled facility. Featuring 1 - CE Controlled Circulation Boiler @ 4,200,000 lb/hr, 1 - G.E. Tandem Compound Double Flow Turbine-Generator, 1 - Auxiliary Package Boiler and 1 - 12 MW Rolls Royce Avon Simple Cycle Gas Turbine.

Specific responsibilities and duties include:

  1. Make regular and special chemical analysis.
  2. Operate water treatment chemical control and wastewater treatment subsystems and perform chemical corrective measures.
  3. Maintain high personal and equipment safety.
  4. Maximize plant efficiency without degrading personal and equipment safety practices, environmental requirements or long term operation of the plant.
  5. Work with OSHA classified hazardous materials.
  6. Operate and maintain Grade 4 wastewater treatment plant and subsystems.
  7. Operate and maintain chemical control and wastewater treatment instrumentation.
  8. Collect samples of water, wastewater, and chemicals to analyze.
  9. Operates and performs routine operating maintenance on chemical control/ wastewater systems.
  10. Isolate, or return to service, the necessary equipment involved in the CCO/EO LOTO procedure for the affected equipment.
  11. Keep work area clean and maintain supplies and stock for testing and operating.
  12. Report abnormal conditions and recommend any corrective action.
  13. Work with contractors and vendors.
  14. Maintains technical records, reports, charts, computer files, and plots data.
  15. Able to work self-directed and at times without supervision.
  16. Must be able to climb ladders and erected staging.



  1. Must possess an Associate’s Degree in Chemistry or an Associate’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from an accredited university or college.
  2. Must have full appreciation of the importance of proper chemical control/wastewater treatment in the various operations of steam generating stations.
  3. Must have knowledge of laboratory and chemical equipment and safety practices.
  4. Must be able to follow detailed instructions and write legibly.
  5. Must hold and maintain an active Grade 4 Industrial or Combined Massachusetts Waste Water Treatment License.
  6. Ability to work extended hours.
  7. Respond quickly to abnormal plant conditions or requirements.
  8. Ability to work various hours with various days of relief.



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