Cloud Applications Engineer
Hillsboro , Oregon
January 12, 2017
Our application software engineers work with Cloud Service Providers (e.g. search engine, social network and e-commerce providers) to optimize software stacks for Intel Architecture. They contribute to the definition of future platforms targeted at this space, assist with competitive platform characterization and help define, configure and execute workload performance characterization experiments specifically machine learning using software libraries and industry harnesses in cluster level deployments. They also have the opportunity to enable the use of highly parallel many-core processors in cloud and other environments and explore the performance and efficiency of micro servers, FPGAs and accelerators.

Responsibilities include software optimization, power optimization, performance and efficiency analysis, configuration of performance analysis infrastructure, customer-facing collaboration, training and support, and the identification of best practices to be used in the creation of collateral and case studies. Other responsibilities include customer and internal communication (written and verbal), and working across multiple organizations to define and enable solutions in both customer and internal environments. Will be an advocate for Intel technologies with customers, and for customers' needs and viewpoints with Intel product developers. The successful candidate will be highly self-motivated, able to take initiative to resolve problems individually and in teams, and able to see projects to completion with minimal supervision.
Required Basic Qualifications:

* Master's or PhD in Computer Science or related engineering field.
* 3 years' experience or equivalent in parallel and distributed programming models with a strong understanding of scalability and concurrency concepts.
* 3 years of experience in Machine Learning usages, industry harnesses (Caffe, Torch, TensorFlow), and workload optimization
* 5 years' experience or equivalent in C/C software development and deployment on Linux.
* 5 years' experience or equivalent with one or more interpreted languages such as Java, PHP, Python, or PERL.
* Exposure to advanced networking, DPDK, MKL, MPI, OpenMP and DNN libraries

Desired skills:
* Demonstrated familiarity with common cloud software architectures, internet service stacks, and virtual machine environments such as Xen or KVM.
* Good understanding of server architecture and platforms features (compute, storage, and network)
* Familiarity with server BIOS and Firmware
* Experience with network and topologies, managed runtime services
* Familiarity with databases (both relational and NoSQL), data analytics tools, and machine learning implementations.
* Demonstrated competency and enthusiasm for application performance, characterization, and optimization, including the ability to design and execute performance characterization experiments.
* Familiarity with a Linux internals and software development environment, including strong debugging skills.
* Familiarity with system power management and power measurement techniques

A little about us:
Our vision is simple and direct. If it computes, it does it best with Intel. We embrace all aspects of computing.

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