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  • Company: Workday
  • Location: Pleasanton, California
  • Posted: November 14, 2017
  • Reference ID: JR-22208
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It's fun to work in a company where people truly believe in what they're doing. At Workday, we're committed to bringing passion and customer focus to the business of enterprise applications. We work hard, and we're serious about what we do. But we like to have a good time, too. In fact, we run our company with that principle in mind every day: One of our core values is fun.

Job Description
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Welcome to Core Platform & Data Services at Workday! Our organization develops code at the very heart of Workday's cloud based software platform. As a member of this team you'll work with exceptionally innovative and experienced engineers that have built highly robust, performant and scalable services. This position requires passion, courage, tenacity, imagination and a willingness to see beyond what is ordinarily possible. In this position you'll find your knowledge, experience and talents fully taxed and then some. Joining this team will allow you to develop deep technical strengths in building the foundations of a cloud platform and hone your engineering skills to take on the most difficult of software engineering problems. Give us a shout if any of the teams listed below sound like a match for you!

Technology we teach and use everyday: Hadoop, Spark, Yarn, Oozie, Docker, Chef, Java, Scala, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Kafka, Zookeeper, RabbitMQ, Akka, XO, Ruby, JMeter, JProfiler, LoadRunner, Hive, Linux, Teamcity, Gradle, Hive

Here are some of the team's we're hiring for!

GRID -  We're responsible for scaling Workday for our largest customers, and have deep expertise in building concurrent scalable distributed systems. We are responsible for Workday's Elastic Grid for background processing, building the next generation of our deployment platform on Docker/Kubernetes. Given our core responsibility within the Workday ecosystem our team culture is one of innovation, service ownership, monitoring, high quality and deep testing.

Big Data Platform Services - We are responsible for Big Data platform services at Workday based on the Hadoop ecosystem as well as highly available and scalable data services related to persistence, messaging and caching. Our services are critical to the business and enable both customer-facing and internal applications to support analytics, reporting, anomaly detection, machine learning, and of course, big data storage and processing.

CORE Platform - Are you passionate about in-memory object graphs, distributed caching, advanced data and transaction partitioning, or large scale MVCC (Multi Version Concurrency Control) systems?  Do you ponder how to provide Serializable Isolation level guarantees, at scale?  Do you have ideas on how to effectively cache and partition data for distributed transaction processing?  Do you crave working on a high performing team responsible for the scale out of the CORE Workday data and compute platform?

The CORE Platform team utilizes advanced concurrency and distributed computing techniques to develop the transaction processing engine that powers all Workday Applications.  In addition to designing, building and maintaining the CORE processing system, the team is responsible for caching services (think near and far) that manage the data feeding the transaction system.  The CORE team's mission is Scale and Resiliency, and the CORE platform is at the very heart of Workday's technology stack.  

Data Engineering - We build highly robust, performant and scalable data query services leveraged by all of Workday's applications.  Our distributed query engine serves over a billion queries a day! Help our team fully leverage the power of functional programming through innovative use of Scala and other technologies.  

Infrastructure - We are responsible for setting up, configuring and optimizing our data center from the service point-of-view. Our goal is zero downtime with zero human intervention and the smallest hardware investment. We also strive to maintain a superior user service level, balanced load based on intelligent routing, and complex tenant-data/metadata integrity.  We harvest data from our data center to drive intelligent service decisions, provide a clear path from CI to CD, streamline our development/deployment pipeline, and maintain a high standard of automation tests.

Service Reliability - We optimize the entire lifecycle of the OMS Core platform through an innovative approach to platform transparency, deployment, and evaluation frameworks. We ensure the OMS Core platform is reliable, performant, and robust at scale. In close collaboration with the Core Engineering teams, we lead early stage proof of concept research and development which paves the way to achieve our reliability, performance and scalability goals.

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