Content Designer and Strategist, Digital Commerce

  • Company: Capital One
  • Location: Vienna, Virginia
  • Posted: January 15, 2017
  • Reference ID: R16641
Towers Crescent (12066), United States of America, Vienna, Virginia

Content Designer and Strategist, Digital Commerce

You’re a product content strategist. Maybe you’ve never called yourself that, but it’s what you do: you love finding ways to describe real human needs in plain language — and you LOVE creating solutions that actually help. You’re a natural storyteller, information architect, and conversation designer. You’ve got experience doing research to see how real people are using what you created. You’re a word nerd, and what you love most about words is the sparkling clarity they create.

You’re also a genuinely nice person with humility and integrity. And the prospect of “bringing humanity and clarity to every conversation we design” has got you intrigued.

We’re the Digital Commerce team. We think deeply about what it means to spend money in the digital age: what we spend, why, how technology will change our experiences. One of the primary ways we do that is via the Capital One Wallet app. We’re looking for a UX Content Strategist to lead the creation of human-friendly content and help shape the future of all our products.

A typical day in the life of this Content Strategist:

- Lead a journey-mapping session to outline the customer experience for reporting fraud in our app.

- Chat with senior team leaders to draw out what real human problems the Bank team can solve, and how we’ll talk about those needs in understandable language.

- Run a two-hour workshop with a product team, helping them find the human language around the feature they’re building.

- Brainstorm with a Conversation Design teammate on how to walk a customer through a payment flow, or how to make error messages more human.

- Work with a product team to co-write a content workbook that outlines the conversation structure, ideal phrases, human language, and navigation ideas for one of our digital Bank experiences.

- Answer email. (We’re all trying to spend less time on this, but let’s be real.)

- Join a Conversation Design team weekly to share wins, questions, business updates, and team goals.

- Co-write a user-testing script for redesigning our mobile deposit flow.

- Grab coffee with a product manager to hear what they’re super excited about and how you can help.

- Join a Capital One Design all-hands to see a demo of the awesome thing another team built.

- Help, support, and coach Conversation Design team members.

Your days look like that because:

- Our mission at Capital One is to change banking for good. We’re all humans with unique emotions about our money, and messaging HUGELY influences how we feel about the institutions we trust to handle that money.

- The Conversation Design team’s mission is to bring simplicity, ingenuity, and humanity — and personality, where appropriate — to our customers’ experience with their money. It’s a big responsibility, but that means it’s also a big opportunity to do something real, good, and important for millions of real people.

- The Design organization’s mission — of which Conversation Design is an integral part — is to Design for Impact. That’s leading the charge toward a new way of working at Capital One. We emphasize a design mindset, rapid iteration, and lean development, no matter what we’re working on.

You’ll need to be pretty dang good at wearing these hats:

- Customer Advocate: You’ll dig into who our customers are and what language they use, then ensure our products speak their language

- Writer: You’ll build trustworthy relationships with customers by making “simplicity and humanity” core facets of our product content

- Editor: You’ll cut or change what doesn’t help audiences find, understand, and choose us

- UX Designer: You’ll establish a cohesive conversation with users, both within and across our many digital experiences

- Researcher: You’ll test your content on real customers, iterate until it’s clear as a blue sky, then see it rolled out to millions of people

- Data Scientist: You’ll use data to drive your messaging decisions and support/dispel your assumptions

You’ll love your job THE MOST if you:

- Want to be a part of changing banking for good

- See words as an incredibly powerful tool for connecting with people

- Are passionate about the customer and want to use your influence to design experiences that build trust and help people

- Commit only to what is essential, and your calendar and to-do lists reflect that

- Are articulate and prepared, able to confidently substantiate your decisions to peers and senior-level executives alike

- Have a positive yet practical attitude; we could call your colleagues and they’d gush over how much they love working with you

- Work quickly without compromising quality, knowing that iteration and testing are part-and-parcel to designing exceptional user experiences

- Take initiative, aren’t afraid to fail, ask thoughtful questions, and constantly seek better ways of working and communicating

You might feel pretty bummed about this job if you:

- Want to focus on content marketing

- Prefer personally owning a project to coaching others collaboratively through a project

- Work better in structured environments than in ambiguity and uncertainty

A few last things because they’re super important:

- As part of the Integrated Content Strategy team, you’ll sit at the intersection of content and product design. Some roles on the team cover traditional content development and management (building web experiences, creating emails, etc.). Other roles are more solidly in product and experience design (for example, what happens when a customer doesn’t pay a bill?).

- You’ll be a champion of content-first design in every project and product you work on. Ideally, you’ll help a team nail the right conversation from the beginning, then build an experience around that. Other times you’ll meet a team right where they are, helping them find the right language for what they have now, while thinking about how to make it better next time. The Conversation Design team is moving toward being less of a delivery team and more of a coaching squad, but we’re still on that journey.

- You’ll do a lot of getting-it-done without worrying about who’s “supposed” to do it. You’ll run a workshop, then clean up the conference room. You’ll jump in and moderate customer interviews at the last minute because your team needs you. You’ll be the human glue connecting teams who’ve never worked together before.

Basic Qualifications:

- Bachelor’s Degree or military experience

- At least 5 years of experience with digital content strategy

Preferred Qualifications:

- Master’s Degree in Communications,  Master’s Degree in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), or Master’s Degree in Design

- 7+ years of experience with digital content strategy

- 5+ years of experience designing for digital products and interactions

- 3+ years of experience leading content-first design

At this time, Capital One will not sponsor a new applicant for employment authorization for this position.  

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