Data Analyst Intern, Marketing
Irvine , California
September 28, 2016
Greetings, students! We're geared up here to offer another round of epic internship experiences in summer 2017. The internship program offers the opportunity to pause your studies for one summer and work side-by-side with Blizzard Entertainment employees in your area of interest, doing real work that oftentimes ends up in production. As such, we hold you to the same high standards as anybody else in the company.

Just like our gameplay experiences, Blizzard internships are a fully immersive experience. We want interns who are enthusiastic about what they want to do for a living and excited to come in every day to learn and contribute in this hyper-creative atmosphere. Being fully engaged with our team also means communicating effectively and maintaining an open mind - one that is receptive to feedback and able to adapt and grow. Your hobbies and interests can also play in your favor. Passion for technology, gaming, game development, and an in-depth knowledge of Blizzard games, products, and services will always be a plus with us, regardless of the position you're applying for. Be passionate about who you are, be into our industry, and be willing to go all-in and embrace this opportunity to the fullest!

Quest Objectives
Blizzard marketing is on the lookout for a data analyst intern to join the team! As our franchises continue to grow, and audiences and media platforms expand, the need for data analysis is critical to the success of our campaigns. For this position you must be highly inquisitive by nature and passionate about leveraging reporting, measurement, and analysis into a clear narrative and direction. We are looking for a real performer that can help us become the most effective marketing group we can be. This intern will have a chance to work with all of our titles, so passion for and knowledge about our games is a plus!

Intern Guild Requirements
  • Currently enrolled in a college or university
  • Returning for at least one more semester or quarter following the Summer 2017 internship
  • Able to work fulltime hours for 11 - 12 weeks at the Blizzard office indicated in this job posting between May 22, 2017 - August 11, 2017 or June 12, 2017 - September 1, 2017 (group dates depend on when you get out of school)
  • Authorized to work in the US
Level Requirements
  • This position will support the performance marketing team with planning, development, implementation and analysis of marketing initiatives.
  • Candidate will need to work within digital platforms and measurement tools such as: digital ad servers, website analytics, AdWords, Marin, syndicated consumer, syndicated sales, media consumption, paid media monitoring, social media monitoring.
  • Candidate will also need to work independently and with the Media Analyst to create reports and dashboards to assist in optimizing marketing initiatives.
  • Candidate should have a solid understanding of basic marketing strategy and concepts such as KPIs, purchase funnels, and creative strategy.
Recommended Talents
  • Candidate should be detail-oriented. You'll be working with robust datasets and creating some very cool reports
  • Candidate should also be able to summarize and communicate the insights and concepts in those reports
  • Strong Microsoft Excel experience, specifically for data compilation, analysis, visualization, and automation
  • Should have experience working with large datasets; able to analyze and draw conclusions from raw data
  • Experience with SQL / databases and data visualization (e.g. Tableau) is a plus!
  • Knowledge of data analysis tools (e.g. Google Analytics) a plus!
Quest Items
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
WARNING! Applications that do not include all of the required materials will not be considered. We're serious about this - due to the volume of applications we receive, we only have time to consider complete submittals.

A little about us:
Blizzard Entertainment is a premier developer/publisher of entertainment software, including World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, and Hearthstone.

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