Data Scientist - Foster City, CA
Foster City , California
November 22, 2017
The Analytic Services team develops statistical services and tools to integrate into Activision's games and their operations. Examples include anomaly detection, recommendation systems, and computer vision. We work at the interface of design, big data engineering, and math to help deliver epic entertainment experiences.

The team is looking for an entry level data scientist with strong analytical skills. Responsibilities include developing cutting-edge analytics and applying them at scale. You will build statistical models with large datasets to derive meaningful insights that affect real business decisions. Additional responsibilities include development of analytics tools and integrating them into the game development process. Applicants should embrace taking an active role in defining data visualizations as well as integrations with various analytics APIs.

The ideal candidate will be half statistician who wants to polish their statistical modeling skills, and half developer who wants to deliver analytic tools that enable internal customers to make quantitative decisions that directly influence present and future game development. Previous experience in the gaming industry is not required.

• Manage analytic projects and deliver analytic reports
• Develop analytic tools, including data visualizations and integrating with analytics APIs
• Work with game developers to identify key performance metrics related to user behavior, user segmentation, and user retention
• Work closely with the live game teams to optimize play balance, game economies, and to identify and close out exploits
• Effectively communicate with other members of the team to build and implement statistical models and analytics tools

• BA/BS in a technical field (e.g. computer science, math, physics), MS or PhD is a plus
• 1-2 years total experience in an analytic role
• 1-2 years experience with software development
• Strong data visualization and storytelling skills
• Strong working knowledge of SQL and data transformations
• Experience with development tools and best practices (e.g. Python, JavaScript, IDEs, git, unit testing, build and continuous deployment)
• Experience with relational and non-relational databases (e.g. Postgres, Elasticsearch, Redis, Redshift)
• Experience building supervised and unsupervised data models

Experience in the following areas is a plus:
• Experience with frontend web development (e.g. CSS, CSS frameworks, JavaScript, jQuery, React)
• Experience with data visualization frameworks (e.g. D3, Bokeh, Dash)
• Experience with big data tools (e.g. Spark, Hive, Presto)
• Experience with streaming data (e.g. Kafka, Kinesis)
• Experience with containerization and container orchestration tools (e.g. Docker, Mesos, Marathon, Kubernetes)
• Experience with complex build pipelines for multi-platform applications

A little about us:
We are lucky to work in a business where imagination, creativity, and play aren't only encouraged, they're required.

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