Data Center Platform Architect

  • Company: Workday
  • Location: Pleasanton, California
  • Posted: November 15, 2017
  • Reference ID: JR-22442
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Job Description
As a Platform Architect, you will bring together the best of emergent technologies and practices (IaaS, PaaS, distributed systems, microservice architecture, NoSQL, etc.) with the best of the industry leading, production hardened, high scale enterprise platform architecture for Workday. The Platform Architect plays a central role in driving the central architecture and the architectural direction of this platform across various areas including Security, DevOps, Site Reliability, and Infrastructure. You will work closely with architects, product management, development teams, and engineering leadership to continuously evolve and drive a technical roadmap. You will be the lead contributor to technology strategy and direction.

Technologies include
  • Cloud Computing (Build /Integration/Monitoring/Development/Migration/testing) on AWS or Azure 
  • Knowledge of PaaS technologies on either AWS or Azure 
  • Implementation of Micro Service Architecture 
  • Administration: VMware, AWS, Nagios, Openstack, Cloud foundry 
  • Development: Core JAVA, Spark, SQL 
  • DevOps Automation: Chef/Python 
  • Technologies: Hadoop and related ecosystem, Java Enterprise Architecture, Service Oriented Architecture

Your Impact (deliverables):
  • Deliver the evolution of a trusted platform (scalable, secure, available, compliant) designed to service 1-1 interactions with consumers in a real-time world
  • Collaborate with engineers, leadership and other architects to bring a strategic technical vision into reality
  • Acts as a thought leader and arbiter of decisions in the areas of Big data and cloud application 
  • Evaluate technologies best suited to solve the technical and business problems
  • Promote a culture of building reliable, self-healing services with robust error handling
  • Work with adjacent teams including Security, DevOps, Site Reliability, and Infrastructure to identify systemic issues and ensure solutions are in the technical roadmap
  • Design systems capable of processing billions of interactions per minute and terabytes of data per day
  • Iteratively evolve the platform architecture based on discoveries made while "peeling the onion", real-world implementation experience, product feedback, roadmap priorities, and other realities.
  • Create effective communication vehicles for the platform architecture targeted at a spectrum of audiences and needs, external and internal.
  • Architect not only the long-term state but also the path to get there, accounting for near-term product deliverables, technical debt, and the maturity and likely evolution of relevant technologies.
  • Innovate and lead explorations into new areas and new technologies, within the company but also with other industry leaders.
  • Proactively identify architectural weaknesses and recommend appropriate solutions.
  • Evaluate new technologies and stay current with a broad range industry trends and developments.
  • Hack. Blog and tweet and talk. Often

About You:

  • Deep interest and experience in broad software platforms, including platform information architecture, information flow, the appropriate modularization and loose coupling, flexibility vs specialization and optimization.
  • Proven talent for architecting incredibly capable systems that are incredibly simple relative to those capabilities.
  • A hands-on, practical approach to software and technology. You code. You deploy. You integrate. You prove by doing.
  • Uncanny ability to drive a compelling long-term vision, sketch broad, long-lasting design directions, extract the principles which underpin the architecture, and dive all the way down to very specific implementation details, so you effectively hold the entire platform architecture in your head -- the forest and the trees.
  • Matching abilities to capture the architecture in diagrams and documents, communicate it consistently and at the appropriate levels, guard it and evolve it, share it and involve others in advancing it forward.
  • Master of architecting systems that can actually be built with finite time and resources, in that developers can run with the architecture, can make it their own, can translate it to the daily decisions that make up software development, and can inform the architecture.
  • A great collaborator someone whom the strong developers, leads, and architects on the teams want to work with, to follow through thick and thin; someone they understand and who understands them; an obvious leader of leaders.
  • Exemplary track record of significant, ideally game-changing innovation and creativity.
  • A can-do approach backed by accomplishments they said it couldn't be done, so I came in and found a smart way and made it happen, and ended up knocking it out of the park.
  • Deep, hands-on expertise in cloud architectures (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, distributed systems) and approaches to address their unique management and security considerations.

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