Data Scientist

My client is looking for a Data Scientist in Horsham, PA.

If interested in the role, email me directly at

• Evaluate data project requirements and determine the best data solution, strategy and approach. • Establish data migration and integration plans. • Manage internal and external client expectations on all project requirements and deliverables with frequent communication, documentation and regular scope verification. • Provide full and accurate project communication with the internal and external clients and vendors • Proactively identify changes in work scope and ensure appropriate planning measures are taken with internal and external clients to reassess and amend the scope of work requirement, budget, and timeline • Analyze and resolve issues that have the potential to jeopardize the ability to meet agreed upon deliverables • Manage a project repository including project planning documents, access privileges, a project calendar, an issues list, a change request list, shared documents, links, and a key contacts list. • Experienced in working with various data vendors and project consultants. • Experience using Salesforce enterprise 1 (SASS)

If interested in the Data Scientist role, email me directly at

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