Delivery Associate-Rider CDT
Syracuse , New York
November 18, 2017
Key Responsibilities

- Matches items on paper or mobile invoice with quantities loaded by verifying descriptions, items, and model numbers.

- Inspects condition of products (e.g., Appliances) before loading for delivery or assisting customer with loading.

- Secures truck contents before operating vehicle.

- Greets and acknowledges all customers in a friendly, professional manner; provides quick, responsive customer service; and understands and responds appropriately to basic customer and employee inquiries.

- Ensures that the loads are safe and secure.

- Ensures cleanliness, standard maintenance and repairs, and upkeep of delivery vehicles; and completes and /or verifies daily vehicle inspections and reports (i.e., Delivery Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs)).

- Executes deliveries based on the daily delivery schedule; complies with corporate delivery program and procedures; and ensures trucks are loaded and that the delivery route begins on time.

- Handles delivery calls by contacting customers directly.

- Escalates customer complaints, dissatisfaction, and procedure violations.

- Unloads, connects, tests, and demonstrates products.

- Retrieves scheduled merchandise and returns at the customer's request.

- Pulls merchandise, builds delivery loads, and loads trucks (within the truck's payload) according to delivery order.

- Observes all power equipment safety rules and regulations while assembling and/or performing pre-delivery inspections including observing all Hazmat rules and regulations in regard to power equipment fluids.

- Participates in recycling programs by making sure proper materials (e.g., Appliances, Plastics, and Batteries) are recycled (e.g., Cardboard bale, Appliance trailer, or Front of store) as appropriate.

- Participates in training for Hazmat, equipment, and safety procedures.

- Uses box bailer to compress cardboard that is sent to receiving.

- Updates delivery and route status (e.g., On-Site, Completed) on system (e.g., iPhone).

- Ensures doors and gates are secured or monitored when open.

- Assists customers as needed in locating, demonstrating, selecting, carrying, and loading merchandise.

Physical Requirements

- Agility: The ability to bend, stretch, twist, or reach out with the body, arms, or legs to perform job tasks. This includes the ability to move throughout all areas of the store (e.g., sales floor, receiving, register areas, lawn and garden), Lowe's property surrounding the store, or additional work areas.

- Climbing: The ability to climb, work, and carry items up and down steps.

- Hand-Eye Coordination: The ability to coordinate one's eyes with one's fingers, wrists, or arms to move, carry, or manipulate objects or to perform other job-related tasks.

- Lifts 26-100 pounds without assistance many times a day and also lifts 76-100 pounds with assistance many times a day.

- Manual Dexterity: The ability to make quick, accurate, skillful, coordinated movements of one hand, one hand in coordination with its arm, or two hands to grasp, place, move, or assemble objects.

- Physical Strength: The ability to lift, push, pull, or carry objects using hands, arms, back, abdominal muscles, shoulders, legs, or a combination of these muscle groups.

- Proper Lifting Techniques: The ability to properly lift heavy objects or equipment. This includes the knowledge of correct bending and lifting techniques as needed to properly position and use one's hands, feet, legs, arms, and back to lift objects or equipment, and to push, pull, and carry heavy objects.

- Protective Equipment: The ability to wear all necessary personal protective equipment to perform job functions.

- Safety Restraints: The ability to wear the safety restraints to perform job functions.

- Stamina: The ability to exert oneself physically over long periods of time. This may include performing repetitive or strenuous tasks as well as standing and sitting for long periods.

- Tight Working Conditions: The willingness and ability to work in cramped/tight working conditions where mobility is restricted.

- Visual Acuity: The ability to see details (e.g., letters, numbers, codes, color, symbols, marks, labels, signs, video displays including iPads) clearly to accomplish work tasks in a safe and efficient manner.

- Work Conditions: The ability to perform job activities, with appropriate intermittent relief where applicable, under difficult work conditions such as in extreme cold, heat, inclement weather, at heights, while exposed to constant/intermittent sounds.

Lowe's is an equal opportunity affirmative action employer and administers all personnel practices without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, veteran status, genetics or any other category protected under applicable law.

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