Dir, Software Development


This position is responsible for leading the Video Services testing and drive test reporting across all product streams. This includes formulating and executing Video Services test strategies to drive measurable performance improvement (measured via KPIs) as well as improving test reporting unification.

The ideal candidate will demonstrate energy, leadership; critical thinking skills communicate well and manage a team of Video Service test professionals. Experience using Industry leading backend services testing in Microservices architecture, AWS and Web services. Experience in IP Video and QAM video is a must for this role.

Major Responsibilities include:

  • Aware of the company startegy as well as supporting product and engineering roadmaps
  • Defines and executes Video Services testing startegy aligned with company startegy, product roadmap and engineering roadmap
  • Accountable for implementing Video Services test strategy across all testing groups
    • Services test
    • System test
    • Automation test
  • Drive Test Reporting Across Organization
    • Setting up test ,defect and metrics dashboard
    • Quantified program level reporting
    • Create standard test reporting that can be replicated across programs using automation
  • Defines, leads employess and contracted staff to ensure delivery of Video Services test startegy followed by implementation
  • Defines, designs and implements Service Virtualization
  • Responsible for resource management and utilization of the team
  • Defines, implements and improves existing Video Services testing standards, policies and procedures

Wide range of technical experience is needed including:

  • Device applications
  • .NET applications
  • Set Top Box applications
  • Backend infrastructure
  • Testing automation
  • Continuous deplyment and integration
  • Networks and Network hardware (including customer CPE)
  • Software infrastructure development, testing and maintenance
  • Applications programming/analysis

BA/BS in Information Technology, Computer Science, MIS or related field or equivalent work experience

Related Work Experience Number of Years
Testing work experience 6-8
Video Services Experieince 5-7
Manager experience 4-5

Office environment

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