Director of Product Management (SMERF)

  • Company: Oracle
  • Posted: December 26, 2016
  • Reference ID: 16001EMZ
Team Description

The Fusion Applications (FA) Central Projects Team works directly with FA's Executive Vice President Steve Miranda on high-profile projects of his choosing. Although we report into the Human Capital Management team, our mandate is to work with teams across all FA application pillars. We take on projects of topmost strategic value that promise to have large-scale impact on FA development and products. We are sent into areas as benevolent agents of change. We engage, solve problems, disengage, and move on to the next challenge. Our team comprises a broad mix of senior-level skills and perspectives, blending product management, development, architecture, usability, and project management with an appreciation of the business impact of our work. This new team is being grown from one person to around six. Projects to date have included: SMERF (the Steve Miranda Enhancement Requests for Fusion), a new in-house tool and process for streamlining how FA and the Fusion Middleware teams manage ERs between them; and another initiative to unify, streamline, and improve the quality and usability of our Approvals-related technologies. We expect a broad and varied set of new projects in the future. If you are a tenacious senior professional who enjoys a broad mix of challenges and if you have a flair for boldly knocking down barriers where others might back away, this is the team for you.
Description of the Position

The SMERF Product Manager will play the very visible role of administering SMERF, the Steve Miranda Enhancement Requests for Fusion process and tool. SMERF is our fledgling process that prioritizes and ranks all the ERs that the Fusion Applications (FA) organization (over 12,000 employees) requests of the Fusion Middleware (FMW) organization (over 4000 employees). The core responsibility of your job is to advise Steve Miranda, Executive VP of FA, on how to set the priorities and make the resourcing decisions that determine which of the most important ERs get developed in what order throughout these organizations. You will oversee the feature roadmap of the SMERF tool within our team. You will be responsible for ensuring that the SMERF process meets the ever-evolving business needs of our "customer" teams. This position requires enough technical savvy to grasp the meaning and impact of our most important and complicated ERs. It requires enough product experience to determine their business value, to assess how they fit into our ecosystem of cloud-based enterprise applications, and to compare their relative value even though they may be spread across diverse functional areas. It requires enough project management experience to handle coordination across these very large organizations. It also requires enough project management experience that you feel comfortable suggesting process improvements to senior management, evangelizing and negotiating those improvements, and setting them into action both as policy and as a part of the SMERF tool itself.

Required Qualifications:
  1. 10 years of experience in product and project management roles, displaying a steady progression of responsibility and project size
  2. Outstanding project management skills that have made a very visible difference within one or more large organizations
  3. A substantial enough experience with product management to feel confident going into unknown technical or functional territory and rapidly make substantial contributions.
  4. An extreme comfort with juggling many topics and issues of many shapes and sizes all at once.
  5. An extreme comfort with working with unclear, fuzzy, or insufficient requirements and defining them clearly across multiple stakeholders.
  6. An extraordinary ability to make complex topics clear.
  7. The professional comportment to make presentations and represent decisions in front of executive management.
  8. A strong enough will to get done what needs to be done but a soft enough style to gain buy-in from diverse groups.
  9. Enough technical background to have meaningful conversations about low-level technical issues with development managers, architects, and staff.
  10. Ability to self-manage and self-start are a must. You will be asked to be progressively self-sufficient, to become an expert on your projects, and have a strong bias for action.
  11. Experience with metrics-driven decision making and the crafting of tools and/or reports in support of it. Concrete examples of times when your personal data analysis has led to positive outcomes.
Desired Qualifications:
  1. Experience designing development tools, especially something similar to a bug database.
  2. Experience with cloud applications
  3. Direct development experience, especially in web technologies
  4. Experience evangelizing internal tools, giving training presentations, preparing training and help materials.

Manage a team that acts as the central resource and driving force for the design, process, manufacturing, test, quality and marketing of product(s) as they move from conception to distribution. Organize interdepartmental activities ensuring completion of the project/product on schedule and within budget.

As a Director in the product development division, you will lead a team that defines product specifications and or strategy. Gather and analyze information to define product specifications and review design specifications. Envision and communicate product strategy and functionality. Initiate and foster relationships with other groups. Review product documentation and collateral. Ensure successful product releases based on corporate priorities.

Assists in the development of short, medium, and long term plans to achieve strategic objectives. Regularly interacts across functional areas with senior management or executives to ensure unit objectives are met. The ability to influence thinking or gain acceptance of others in sensitive situations is important. Demonstrated leadership and people management skills. Strong communication skills, analytical skills, thorough understanding of product development and product management. BS or MS degree or equivalent experience relevant to functional area. 8 of software engineering or related experience preferred.

Oracle is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and protected veterans status or any other characteristic protected by law.

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