Editor in Chief, IBM Systems Marketing
Austin , Texas
December 13, 2017
Why work for IBM Systems Marketing?
Startups are exciting. That's why we've never stopped. For over a century IBM has been a company of inventors and innovators. We power the most important industries on the planet--from finance to telecommunications to scientific research. You may not know it but there's hardly a part of your daily life that isn't touched by an IBM Systems client.
You're a content marketing leader and you know digital, so let's talk about what you'll do.
At IBM Systems, you'll invent things. A new way to tell a story. A smarter strategy. Better ways of working. You'll be part of a top performing team who has fun, learns from failures and innovates every day. (You don't get to be 105 years old any other way.)
IBM Systems leads in transformation. What we do for our clients, we're doing for ourselves all the time: reinventing, learning what it takes to stay ahead of technological shifts and building what comes next. We're good at change because we've never been afraid of it. If you're the same, join us in our next big reveal.
About Content Marketing at IBM
People are bombarded and disrupted by over 14,000 messages a day. The world doesn't need more content; it needs better content. Hence, the "IBM Originals" approach to content was created to be the storytelling arm of IBM. We create stories and content experiences that matter to our audiences, move them to act, and cut through the noise in the market.
We believe that content is the best way to build relationships at scale and that stories must be creatively told, uniquely delivered, and useful to our audience. Do you have what it takes? Want to be part of a company where science and creativity collide to make the new big bang in content?
About Your Role
The Editor in Chief is a content marketing leader and veteran ready to set the vision, strategy, operations and delivery model for a newly formed content team in IBM's Systems business unit. This role oversees all content marketing initiatives and will drive the ideation and creation of high-quality content, empowering the Content Team to create amazing campaigns. We want you to help us build a highly-engaged subscriber base and sales pipeline for maximum impact across all buying stages and awareness in the market. This role reports to both the Business Unit CMO and the Global Content Leader. The Editor-in-Chief role includes but is not limited to:
  • Content Strategy
    • Develop the annual content strategy for IBM System's in support of our specific priorities and strategic business goals.
    • Collaborate with Portfolio and Product Marketing on Narrative development for target buying audiences and offerings.
    • Work with Strategists to gather audience, competitive, and best practice information to inform the content strategy.
  • Talent Management & Development
    • Hire, train, monitor, and measure the performance of the content team including strategists, writers, UX designers and researchers, and graphic designers within IBM Systems. Additionally, manage freelance/agency resources to create, deliver and optimize content strategy and deliverables.
    • Work with IBM's centralized content experts to develop plans to increase the performance of the team and all content stories and experiences.
  • Content Creation, Governance & Framework
    • Establish and continually optimize the processes necessary for efficient content creation and distribution.
    • Evaluate the performance of all content deliverables and their associated creation models (agency vs. in-house, DSG, in-house, etc) and work with partners to elevate performance.
    • Guide content creators to maximize their content assets and creators. Measure and monitor performance in Kapost or similar workflow management tool.
  • Ideation Process & Standards
    • Lead our weekly content governance board meetings and own the criteria used to evaluate ideas / pitches from your content team.
    • Have the final say on the green light of an idea and reviews 100% of the briefs/RFPs before going to creation partners to ensure the quality of asks.
    • Make suggestions for new ideas, content, and unique experiences for consideration.
  • Quality Adherence
    • Develop and maintain publishing guidelines for style, adherence to brand and channel-specific standards and guidelines.
    • Review all content and associated experiences before go-live to ensure a high-quality content experience across all channels. Review daily your specific content experiences (site, social, syndicated platforms) and review all performance reports to identify both good and bad content.
  • Content Roadmap
    • Create and manage the editorial calendar and ensuring that all content is published on time and within budget.
  • Tools, Catalog, Lifecycle Management
    • Maintain content inventory, develop a plan for retiring and/or refreshing existing content.
    • Manage all tools and systems leveraged by the content team ensuring best practices and the latest technologies are deployed to achieve efficiency and success.
  • Global Adoption & Collaboration
    • Ensure a consistent and relevant global experience and implement appropriate localization/translation strategies.
    • Communicate directly with geo content and marketing leaders to assess the usefulness of content with global teams.
    • Extend content measurement and monitoring to include geo performance.
  • Performance & Optimization
    • Monitor the story Dashboard on a weekly basis and make recommendations to the team for optimizations, killing or extending content based on performance.
    • Conduct content de-briefs after each campaign to evaluate what worked and what didn't - sharing guidance with your team for future deliverables. Send high-performing content to the CHQ Accelerator team so that other teams can see positive examples of high performance content and experiences.
    • Identify, monitor and analyze content KPIs, track content performance, optimize program based on results.
  • Content Partnerships
    • Identify and create new content partnerships and evaluate/leverage existing partnerships.
    • Work closely with Performance Marketing and the appropriate agencies to identify and engage content syndication partnerships to expand our reach. Ensure that partners are being consistently monitored and measured and that performance data and insights are fed back to the broader BU content and CHQ Content Accelerator teams.
  • Thought Leadership - Impact the Way We Think
    • Serve as the Content and Content Marketing expert for the working team
    • Stay ahead in the content marketing space and be a subject matter expert on content and content marketing best practices / knowledge / innovations. Serve as a leader in the field and not just a pontificator.
    • Work closely with the CHQ Content Accelerator to create, distribute, and evangelize content marketing thought leadership, training, and educational materials. Participate as a coach and trainer as requested by CHQ Content Accelerator.
    • Gather and share best practices and learnings on the team wiki and with the other business unit content leaders around IBM.

A little about us:
IBM is the world’s largest information technology company with more than 360,000 employees serving clients in 170 countries.

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