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Fredericksburg , Virginia
December 16, 2017
The Clinical Nurse Educator provides opportunities that promote and encourage professional development, growth, and expertise that benefit and advance the individual and the organization. The Clinical Nurse Educator serves as an educator, consultant, change agent, researcher, leader, and mentor. Through the educational process (assessment, development, planning, implementation and evaluation), the Clinical Nurse Educator provides opportunities that support orientation, on-boarding, competency assessment, and continuing education. The Clinical Nurse Educator consistently models and exemplifies the mission and service commitments of Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center.


1. Educator: Assesses educational needs of staff and develops, implements, and evaluates plan to meet identified needs.
      • Assesses and prioritizes educational and skill competency needs.
      • Develops, plans, implements, and evaluates education through the continuum.
      • Demonstrates effective teachings abilities and strategies based on adult learning principles.
      • Provides staff with current literature, resources, and educational opportunities on a formal and informal basis.
      • Assists staff in validating annual competencies.
      • Utilizes creative methods and develops materials to meet the learning needs of staff.

2. Consultant: Utilizes expertise in area of specialty to provide consultation services to health care providers and consumers.
      • Is easily accessible to staff members and serves as a resource
      • Utilizes principles of effective communication, change management, and problem solving skills.
      • Serves as an active member of hospital/nursing committees.
      • Demonstrates competency in clinical and professional judgment.
      • Is knowledgeable regarding organizational mission, departmental vision and unit goals.
      • Addresses issues in a positive manner and is able to work toward conflict/problem resolution.
      • Actively consults with physicians, patients, nurses, and other health care providers on a daily basis.
      • Serves as a consultant on clinically-related issues and selected cases.
      • Serves as a resource to staff in resolving conflict/problem resolution.

3. Change Agent: Participates in continuous quality improvement, corporate initiatives, and accreditation activities.
      • Understands current standards related to education and competency.
      • Serves as a consultant to nursing departments for various compliance surveys.
      • Participates in quality improvement initiatives; assists departments in PI activities.
      • Conducts employee education file audits to ensure compliance related to competency.
      • Views change as an opportunity and supports the organization in change

4. Researcher: Assists in assuring appropriate standards of care, practice, and performance are in place to promote optimal
patient outcomes.
      • Utilizes evidence-base practice and current research to guide practice standards and enhance nursing practice.
  • Serves as a resource and actively participates in the development of new products, policies and procedures, and standards.
      • Evaluates current practice, standards, policies and procedures and makes suggestions for change.
      • Demonstrates knowledge of the research process.
  • Incorporates research findings into all areas of practice.

5. Leader - Models professional behaviors and demonstrates professional growth and leadership through continuing education
and involvement in professional organizations.
      • Maintains current membership and participates in local and national nursing organizations as appropriate.
      • Maintains clinical practice and knowledge through participation in continuing education activities, observation, rounding, providing patient care, and/or professional certification.
      • Leads by example and promotes quality and safety through pristine practice.
      • Consistently models and exemplifies our mission, service commitments, and Code of Conduct.

6. Mentor : Assists with the on-boarding and skill development of new employees.
      • Plans, implements, and evaluates the orientation process.
      • Assists with skills competency validation and serves as a resource.
      • Provides remediation and creates a developmental plan for skills/competencies needing improvement.
      • Offers additional classes/coursework for staff development.
      • Creates and actively participates in on-boarding tactics and strategies that assist in the retention of new nurses.


Required: Graduation from an accredited School of Nursing. A Bachelor degree is required. Masters degree preferred.

Required: Licensed or eligible for licensure in the State of Virginia as a registered nurse.

Required: Three (3) years current nursing experience. Education experience required.

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