Electrician 1st Class - Facility Svcs
Newark , Delaware
November 23, 2017

Position Description

Job Duties

1. Under limited supervision, regularly and customarily performs all types of inside wiring in connection with the installation of electric stoves, water heaters, air conditioning equipment, etc., in domestic, commercial and industrial installations.
2. Repairs electric appliances. Turns on and off gas and electric meters, installs fuses, etc.
3. May be required to install or make repairs to customer's service drop, meter connections, load center, and related internal and external wiring and equipment. May be required to assist in the installation of gas appliances and piping.
4. Does wiring in conjunction with installations and additions to Company facilities.
5. Maintains, repairs and installs heating and air conditioning equipment to include V A V boxes, fire dampers, and frequency drives. Maintains, repairs and installs lighting and occupancy sensors. Repairs and installs fire protection systems, security systems and any electrically operated equipment such as pumps, door operators, snow melter, ice machines, air compressors, gate operators, etc.
6. Troubleshoots and repairs fractional and integral horsepower motors and related wiring and control circuit equipment. Troubleshoots, calibrated, repairs and installs pneumatic components.
7. Works from ladders, scaffolding and mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic platforms at varying heights. Does not require rigging.
8. Works from prints and sketches, orders and requisitions supplies and parts needed for assignments.
9. Operates Building Management System.
10. Directs the work of others. Oversees work crews from other departments and outside contractors.
11. Performs other related or less skilled work as required or directed, including operation of automotive equipment.

Position Requirements

Licensed as a Master Electrician.
Experience demonstrating skill performing various types of wiring in connection with installation and repair of electric appliances and equipment (e.g., electric stoves, water heaters).
Experience demonstrating skill installing, troubleshooting, and making repairs to service drops, electric meters, meter connections, load centers, fuses, and related internal and external wiring and equipment.
Experience demonstrating skill maintaining, repairing, and installing lighting, ballasts, and occupancy sensors.
Experience demonstrating skill interpreting and applying instructions, specifications and procedures (for example vendor reference material, OEM manuals, etc.).
Experience demonstrating skill reading and interpreting schematics and electrical drawings.
Experience demonstrating skill ensuring compliance with the National Electric Code.
Ability and willingness to travel to various Company locations and job sites.
Ability and willingness to perform emergency and/or lower classified work as assigned.
Ability and willingness to perform both indoor and outdoor tasks for extended periods of time (for example, lifting up to 50 pounds, climbing ladders and scaffolding, working in rigging, bending, twisting, kneeling, crawling, pulling/pushing, standing, walking, and squatting).
Ability and willingness to work in a variety of work environments including all weather conditions, at extreme heights, on or around energized electrical equipment, alone in remote areas, in confined spaces or enclosed vessels, and in noisy and dirty environments with proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (e.g., example safety glasses, di-electric safety shoes, electrically insulated rubber gloves and sleeves, hard hat, fall protection harness.)
Ability and willingness to wear an issued uniform and carry equipment.
Ability and willingness to work on holidays, weekends, overtime and shift work as required.
Must possess a valid driver's license.
Must successfully pass a Criminal History Records Check.
Must successfully pass a medical screening to include a drug test.
This position is a NERC Regulated position. As such, a background check will be conducted on the incumbent every seven years. Additionally, the incumbent will be required to complete annual NERC compliance training.

Licensed to provide HVAC services.
Experience demonstrating skill installing and troubleshooting HVAC units.
Experience demonstrating skill checking, operating, and lubricating mechanical equipment and motors (e.g., emergency generators, building maintenance equipment), and performing minor repairs on such equipment.
Experience demonstrating skill installing and maintaining voice, data and/or other low-voltage cabling systems.
Experience demonstrating skill installing gas meters, gas appliances and piping, and turning gas on and off.
Experience demonstrating skill troubleshooting, calibrating, repairing, and installing pneumatic components.
Experience demonstrating skill operating Building Management System and controls (for example, Trane, Honeywell, Alerton).
Experience demonstrating skill placing orders for supplies and parts as needed for repairs/assignments (e.g., develops material lists and acquires material).

Pepco Holdings, an Exelon Company, is an equal opportunity employer with a commitment to diversity and does not discriminate against applicants on the basis of characteristics protected by law. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, protected Veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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