English Language Arts Editor

  • Company: Adecco
  • Location: New York, New York
  • Posted: November 12, 2016
  • Reference ID: 1781247241
Adecco Creative is recruiting on behalf of our client, a well known educational publisher, for an English Language Arts editor. This position is responsible for primary grade-level content editing within editorial guidelines set by the VP/Editorial Director and will provide hands-on editing of selected projects as required, as well as work with in-house resources for those projects. **PLEASE NOTE: Qualified candidates MUST have solid knowledge of primary-grade level ELA pedagogy, as well as the ability to edit content so that it is instructionally sound, as well as a working knowledge of state standards and national/state assessment practices and trends.** Responsibilities: - Manage and edit a series/project from conception through completion with support and supervision from managers. - Independently collect and review all information necessary for product development, including monitoring and tracking standards/tests, following national and state trends, etc. - Independently create all components for product development, including (but not limited to) TOC, guidelines, bookmap/blueprint, as well as providing guidance and feedback for prototypes. - Proactively manage writers to ensure adherence to schedule and guidelines. - Edit all rounds, ensuring high quality books with minimal oversight from managers. - Manage schedules to avoid delays and work with managers to resolve bottlenecks. - Independently create internal schedules that keep multiple projects/components moving forward on time. - Preemptively recognize potential bottlenecks and manage schedule accordingly. - Work with Production Dept. and editorial managers, prioritize products and editorial tasks as needed to maintain schedule. - Maintain a solution-based approach to problems arising in the normal course of the editorial publishing plan. - Work with writers, vendors, or other internal departments to solve any content or component requirement issues as they arise. - Provide editorial solutions for products that may undergo changes in standards or other requirements. - Provide forward-thinking solutions to any scheduling issues and present them to managers. Essential Skills and Experience: - This position requires a minimum of 3 years experience editing primary-level educational books. - Classroom teaching experience is a plus.

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