Enterprise Swift Developer - Intern
Austin , Texas
May 03, 2017
IBM Swift team is responsible for growing the recently open-sourced Swift language for use on the server and creating commercial offerings for the enterprise. This is a new and exciting opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a game changing technology for IBM's cloud and build upon the success of IBM's Swift Sandbox (http://swiftlang.ng.bluemix.net). We are looking for enterprise Swift developers that are passionate about building out a world-class stack of technologies to enable all kinds of applications ranging from mobile to web to server. This role will be working collaboratively across different organizations within IBM to create an ecosystem around Swift technology.

Contributing to the development of new frameworks, tools, apps, and core server code using the Swift language
Assisting with build out automation to manage the rapidly evolving language and ecosystem
Collaborating with other enterprise Swift developers, project and product managers, and designers
Contributing to the integration of Swift with IBM research technologies and other cloud offering

Key Attributes
Demonstrated ability to learn new technologies, systems, and tools

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A little about us:
IBM is the world’s largest information technology company with more than 360,000 employees serving clients in 170 countries.

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