Financial Analyst 1

  • Company: R R Donnelley
  • Location: New York, New York
  • Posted: January 13, 2017
  • Reference ID: 205965

The Banking Assistant (“BA”) Associate position was created for individuals who are interested in assuming greater responsibilities and working in a fast paced environment. The Associate BA’s primary responsibility with be to provide research and administrative to other analysts (Financial Analyst) on the team and other Bankers within the firm. As an Associate BA’s will work on research projects for the bankers and any additional challenging opportunities they wish to be involved in. Working alongside a group of junior-level bankers allows BA’s constant exposure to the ‘behind the scenes’ perspective of the investment banking industry.

Research Responsibilities:

  • The company has numerous database sources (see below) for retrieval of data to deliver
  • General company and industry information gathering
  • SEC filings, and specific documentation within these filings
  • Research for creating company specific and industry reports
  • News runs
  • Bloomberg information requests
  • M&A deal specific information and statistics
  • Stock ownership runs
  • Secondary research for financial data and statistical information on companies and industries
  • SDC analysis (premium paid and fee analysis)
  • Creating Public Information Books (PIBs)

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