Front End Software Engineer, Japan Team

  • Company: LinkedIn
  • Posted: February 19, 2017
  • Reference ID: 632157661
Do you dream in Javascript? Can you bend uncooperative browsers to your will using only a toothpick, some chewing gum, and a well placed "position: relative"? As soon as you finish a project, do you step back and think, "Now, how can I make this better?" We've been waiting for you.
The International team is looking for UI engineers (or full stack) to help accelerate LinkedIn's success in Japan. We're building a dedicated team to focus on this challenging and important market for international growth. This is a high visibility team that will work across all of the key products to make Japan successful, ranging from native mobile apps, growth, monetization, partnerships and relevance. Imagine being able to take a holistic view of an entire country and work on new products and features needed to surpass competitors and adapt to a unique culture. There's nothing more impactful, and at same time, challenging. We're a fun, motivated group with an important mandate. Join us!
•You will own the front-end development for one or more of our products and collaborate with visual/interaction designers, other engineers, and product managers to launch new products, iterate on existing features, and build a world-class user experience. •You will implement cutting-edge technologies and will be writing state-of-the-art code to keep LinkedIn at the cutting edge of current technology. •Your specific expertise will be required to make the site delightful, secure, performant and accessible to all our members.
•Meet with colleagues including product managers, designers and other engineers assigned to your project(s).
Basic Qualifications:
•Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Information Science, Human Computer Interaction, or related technical field or 4+ years practical experience. •1+ years of relevant work experience
Preferred Qualifications:
•2+ years of relevant work experience •MS or PhD in computer science or related technical field •2+ years general programming experience + semantic HTML and CSS. •Experience writing clean, unobtrusive Javascript including experience with common libraries (Jquery and Angular/Ember/React) and debugging tools (Chrome Dev Tools, etc. ). •Knowledge of native DOM and Event APIs. •Knowledge of browser quirks and their remedies. •Experience building front-end code with server-side technology. •Familiarity and comfort with command-line applications, source control, testing frameworks and other aspects of developing in large, distributed software teams. •Knowledge of (and a passion for) current trends and best practices in front-end architecture, including performance, accessibility, security and usability. •Knowledge of browser internals like Javascript engines and ways to tune code for best performance. •Fluent in Japanese •Knowledge of how to leverage the GPU to enhance rendering performance. •Masters degree preferred, but not required.

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