Full time, Part time, and PRN – Family Nurse Practitioner – Opportunities Available – Phoenix AZ
Phoenix , Arizona
September 23, 2017
Job Description:

Our board-certified Family Nurse Practitioners are our most valuable asset. Respect, understanding and active listening are qualities a patient looks for in their relationship with a healthcare provider. It only makes sense that, as a company, we champion those same qualities on behalf of our colleagues. In fact, we think so much of those qualities we've adopted Friendship and Openness as two of our valued core beliefs.

At Take Care Clinics, we want your voice to be heard. We consider our FNPs to be not only the face of our company, but our lifeblood. We think so highly of your professional opinion that NPs are represented at all levels of management, including our most senior leadership team. You're in a unique position to give us the invaluable feedback that helps steer not only the strategic direction of our company, but of the entire healthcare industry.

We're shifting healthcare from the medicine that treats to the care that cures. And we can't do it alone. And, frankly, we don't want to. We charge our FNPs with delivering unsurpassed professional treatment to those who place their health in our care. That's why you're entrusted with the autonomy to make decisions independently and on an individual case-by-case basis. You're the day-to-day front lines of a company reimagining healthcare, so it makes good sense that you know how best to serve those we
care for. It's an example of our commitment to a bigger mission: the treatment of human beings not just human bodies. Together we can redefine the future of healthcare. One conversation. One patient. One community at a time.

If you share our passion for care as a calling, we may have a home for you on a team of like-minded healthcare professionals at the leading edge of a new movement in healthcare. If you are a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner, please apply today for the location you are most interested in and one of our Staffing Professional will contact you about opportunities in your area.

Take Care Health Services is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer of nice people M/F/D/V. Take Care Health Services is an independent professional corporation managed by a subsidiary of Walgreens.

A little about us:
The training you received, the discipline you embraced, and the responsibilities you held in the military will serve you well at Walgreens.

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