Future Offer Manager
May 03, 2016
The NAM (North America) Future Offers Manager for the Power Breakers business is a critical function within Schneider Electric’s organization, responsible for generating leads that will that will model the go-to market vision, offer roadmaps and a future offers proposition and to deploys the executing business strategy for a business of ca half a Billion EUR. The core mission of the incumbent will be to support the business strategy in line with future growth targets, to oversee the current portfolio of components and services and identifying the gaps as well as the opportunities align the trajectory with all internal stakeholders, articulate the vision and positioning of the NAM offer, identify opportunities for external growth and collaborate closely with innovation team. The ultimate goal is to increase profitability and decrease the time for new offers, growth the business through order intake, and gain market share in North America.
Based on the above requirements, the right individual should have the capacity to understand customers needs and market trends, to communicate the Line of Business strategy, as well as to foster cooperation within the matrix as well as with external clients. He/She should be unafraid to take risks, be proactive and have a strong customer focus approach. A dynamic, agile, inventive leader with experience in the breakers sector who has the ability to work across all levels of the organization and influence key decision-makers is best positioned for the role. It is critical that this individual has a strong personality, can inspire trust and can stand for his/her position and choices, with a sense of gravitas about them. The ideal right contender will be with a background in Marketing, Sales, Strategic managements. Additionally, he/she will be tech-savvy and with a good understanding of complex problem solving. It is important that the right individual has experience working in a global environment with strong multicultural sensitivity.
Key responsibilities
Based on very solid market knowledge and a strong connection with Commercial and Sales teams, the NAM Future Offer Manager is in charge of:
· Supporting the definition of an overall offer go-to-market vision, positioning, strategy and messaging with specific NAM inputs
· Supporting the offer roadmaps definition and the associated business plans based on the specific NAM needs
· Surveying, screening and studying the market, customers, partners and competition in NAM market
· Collecting requirements of all stakeholders of the value chain (specifiers, partners, end users) for NAM market
· Maintaining and Reinforcing the cooperation with UL-ANSI/NEMA equipment team to achieve full integration and quick success on product roadmap development
He/she understands the market dynamics and the specific attributes of each segment addressed, with associated cost value perceived by our customers.
As he/she is accountable for robustness of the business plan projected data for NAM, he/she supports the selection of the Unique Value Proposition for all new offers for the NAM market.
He/she prioritize the requests by NAM market for projects in the road-map according to the budget.
He/she deploy the Power breakers LoB strategy to build full engagement with NAM organization, with the goal to ensure full alignment and strong execution.
· Identify the NAM market trends, weak signals subject to represent threats or opportunities for the LOB, quantify them and communicate them in the LOB under the form of a clear and actionable long term strategy.
· Understand the current situation of the NAM market, the complete Added Value chain (Upstream to downstream). Identify the current trends, their durability and anticipate their potential evolution. Assess and formalize their impact in our business.
· Identify innovating development areas in term of technologies, channels, Communication, Offers
· Analyze Competitive environment and recommends offensive or defensive actions
· Contribute to the global Power breakers strategy by sharing the NAM LOB view of the long term market trends.
· Communicate, cascades the global LOB strategy after adapting it to its specific application scope in the NAM
· Recommend acquisition and/or partnership projects based on a strong knowledge of competition positioning and offers. Justify such opportunity with a clear project valuation as per the group guidance.
· Feed the Offer Architects with NAM market trends and competition surveillance. Identifies development areas to integrate specific innovations in our long term roadmaps.
· Lead predevelopment decisions for NAM in line with the strategy.
· Contribute to the optimization of our development portfolio by supporting “Design or Buy Design” decisions thanks to a very clear NAM market trends
· Decide and manage the market surveys allowing to understand NAM trends.
· Stay connected to the NAM market, meet stakeholders to understand the value chain.
· Demonstrate the feasibility for Schneider to develop, introduce and sell a Unique Value Proposition specifically for NAM market
· Support the definition of the Marketing specification of the new offer based on NAM market:
o Rank and choose the customers’ needs to meet,
o Validate the customer's willingness to pay,
o Price the offer with the Value Base Pricing method,
o Define and share with technical team the Offer Requirement by using collaborative methods (Use cases, Functional Analysis method....).

• Background:
o bachelor degree in Engineering or equivalent education on top of commercial background, MBA is preferred
• Experience:
o Minimum 5-10 years of experience in a marketing function of multinational corporation
o Strong experience in Strategic management of high tech content offers
o P&L management experience and/or Sales operational experience is a strong advantage
o Comfortable in functional reporting (doted / dual line reporting) as well as hierarchical mode (direct / solid line) in large matrix organizations.
• Knowledge & Skills Required:
o Marketing Skills
• Strategic Marketing in B2B market.
• Marketing fundamental. (Segmentation, Pricing, MKT Mix....)
• Digital marketing.
• Marketing in Offer creation
• Partner BU environment. Architectures, Offers, Competitors
o Leadership Skills
• Set Vision & Strategy, Inspire
• Take risks and innovate
• Pro-active, entrepreneurial and self-motivated
• Influence and Convince, Focus on Customers
• Inspired by constantly learning from the outside world and supporting the application of these insights into cutting edge execution
• Achieve sustainable results and drive execution
• Lead within a matrix - Networking, collaboration ability to work across organizations
• Excellent communication skills - Ability to influence and persuade senior-level decision makers and executive presentation
• Lead high performance team

Profile and Character
• Leadership: Confident and mature person with a proven track record of leadership and the ability to connect and inspire others.
• Results Oriented: A driver who possesses the ability to take actions and implement effective solutions in a timely manner and to get the best out of their teams and colleagues to deliver quantifiable results.
• Problem Solver: Methodical and hands-on, as well as detail-oriented person, able to see big picture.
• Analytical Thinking and Decision-Making: Ability to integrate Technical Department policies with business strategies with excellent planning, execution and project-management skills.
• Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills: A team player and builder, receptive to ideas from others, with excellent interpersonal skills and an ability to interact successfully with all levels of management as well as a diverse work force.
• Ethics: Highest level of professional integrity and honesty as well as personal credibility.
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