General Labor

Adecco is seeking associates for a local company in Sidney on 1st shift.


-Packaging Operators are required to pack product in boxes on the line, set-up materials, film, labels, cartons, etc.
-Must be able to clean and sanitize production lines with chemicals
-Required to know the quality aspects of the products and be able to recognize defects
-Perform hourly quality checks as specified.
-Adhere to Safety/OSHA/ GMP/FDA requirements.
-Housekeeping /Lean/5-S
-Perform other lead/supervisor directed tasks.


-Produce product while meeting all production and quality standards.
-Required to be trained and qualified in at least three of the following additional areas: Non-woven, Chemical Processing Tech, Elsner, SRU. This must happen within two years from the date you start as a Packaging Operator II-this is a skill based position
Required Skills and Experience


•High school diploma or equivalent
•Mechanical ability
•Ability to function in team environment
•Be able to work in a fast paced environment and meet production rates
•Good hand/eye coordination required
•Mechanical aptitude
•Be able to pass basic math tests
•Be Multi-Tasking
•Work Safely
Working Relationships & Environment


•-Must be able to see well enough to inspect product, prefer 20/20 vision corrected
•-Must be able to stand for long periods
•-Must be able to walk
•-Must be able to climb using a step ladder and climb
•-Must be able to lift 5-35 lbs. frequently; periodically up to 50 lbs.
•-Must be able to grip/grasp frequently

For more information please call the Adecco office in Sidney at 937-498-4458.

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