Global Internal Auditor

  • Company: Schneider Electric
  • Location: Schaumburg, Illinois
  • Posted: December 05, 2017
  • Reference ID: 003ZOP
The Global Internal Auditor (Americas) reports to the Head of Global Internal Audit for the Americas region and will be based in Schaumburg, Illinois, USA.

Global Internal Audit is focused on:
· Compliance and respect of Corporate ethics program
· Key operational processes (Sales & marketing, Research and development, Purchasing, Projects & Services, Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics, Human resources, IT and Finance)
· Main risks and weaknesses including organization and strategic subjects

The Global Internal Auditor leads or participates in 4 types of audits (assessing diverse processes and cycles): Transversal risk audits, process audits, entity audits or post acquisition audits.

The objectives of the audits are to:
· Assess the level of internal control
· Identify areas where performance can be improved
· Measure how operational risks are monitored and mitigated follow up the implementation of audit action plans
· All Global Internal Auditors take consecutively the following 2 roles.

When leading an audit mission, the Global Internal Auditor is called “Team Leader” & is in charge of:
· managing the project and the relationship with the auditees
· delivering the project on time
· defining the working program and assigning audit cycles to auditors together with the Global Internal Audit Senior VP
· organizing the fieldwork and coaching the team members
· reporting the main conclusions to the auditee, Senior Management & Executive Committee
· delivering an Executive Summary to the Chairman of the Audit Committee and Group CEO
· following-up the action plans that resulted from the audit with the auditees

When a member of an audit, the Global Internal Auditor is called “Team Member” and is in charge of:
· conducting interviews, tests, data analysis in order to identify root causes, assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes
· proposing recommendations to auditees in order to correct inefficiencies or to improve efficiency
· presenting those recommendations to local management and Senior Management

The Global Internal Auditor for Americas travels across North and South America approximately 50 to 60% of their time, 3-4 weeks continuously on-field. In some instances, the Global Internal Auditors may be required to travel outside of the Americas region. They will have to work in various cultural environments.

English, both written & spoken, is the working language.

The Global Internal Auditor will have contact with all levels of the organization worldwide, including Executive Committee members. The Global Internal Auditor has contact with external auditors.

Global Internal Auditor: Job requirements:

7 Years professional experience (2 most recent years in a US Sox environment)
Analytical thinking
Synthetic skills
Business oriented (ability to understand the audit context)
Excellent communication & presentation skills
Relationship management
Teamwork and cooperation
Bachelors degree (MBA or Accounting certification preferred)
Mastering another language (Spanish or Portuguese preferred - other languages may include but not limited to Mandarin, Arabic, French, Hindi, Russian)

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