Graphics, GPU Compute, Media, and Display Architecture
Folsom , California
January 12, 2017
Our goal within Intel Visual and Parallel computing technology Group (VPG) is to enable users to immerse themselves into new experiences that leverage our leading edge Graphics, Compute, Media and Display hardware and software capabilities. With the explosive growth in demand for solutions that scale from extreme low power Wearable Devices, to Smart Phones, Tablet, PC, Automotive, Virtual Reality HMD, Visual computing and Servers - Intel is positioned to be the key IP provider of choice with its GPU technology.

Meeting these diverse market demands will require Intel to deliver high performing, scalable, and power efficient solutions with all of the necessary HW and SW components. VPG Architecture is seeking individuals to help shape the future of our GPU offerings. The successful candidate will help to advance the IP definition in Media, Display, GPU Compute, or 3D Architecture domains to create leadership products. In this role, you will be working closely with our existing architecture, hardware engineering, software engineering, and strategic planning teams. A successful candidate should understand the evolving market needs, IP competitiveness, and what it takes to develop leadership offerings.

We are looking for candidates with Architecture background in the areas of Media, Display, 3D, and GPGPU. Ideally folks with prior experience in HW definition, Architecture, power and performance modeling and projection, Workload Characterization and competitive analysis.

In this position you will be working with a team responsible for architecture definition of GPU assets. Tasks include identifying and clarifying IP requirements, creating hardware and software definitions, creating performance models and key workloads, working closely with hardware engineering on front end design and software engineering on IP exposure mechanisms. This will include consideration of a wide array of performance, power, area and cost tradeoffs given the full gamut of market segment-specific requirements and workloads. Tackling these tradeoffs will require you to drive simulation development and then engage in functional, performance and power studies in order to make timely product recommendations. You will then complete the definition of solutions by generating architectural documentation, high-level design and algorithm development, and then work across the various program management, product-level architecture, micro-architecture and design/validation teams to develop and review plans and strategies which will ensure quality, performance, power, area and TTM goals are met. Overall, you will be tasked with defining a scalable architecture as products will range from high-end integrated GPUs through low-power mobile devices.

Ensures platform and its components have the best performance and power balance specifically focusing on graphics hardware components. Research and development of next generation platform designs to continually improve the performance. Conducts system analysis on proprietary and competition platforms, develops advanced hardware tuning and overclocking. Ideal candidate should have strong communication, convincing execution skills .
BA or MA and 5 years of Graphics, Media, GPU Compute, or Display HW Architecture industry experience

A successful candidate should have 5 years of experience and can demonstrate expertise in the following:
- Graphics 3D Architecture and micro-Architecture
- Ability to define the architecture of Geometry and GPGPU fixed functions subsystems
- Media and Display technologies (HEVC, AVC, VP9, AoM AV1, DP, HDMI, ...)
- Graphics compute programming languages (OpenCL, OpenVX, Metal, etc...)
- System Architecture Definition
- Strong HW Design background
- Solid understanding of SW Stack implications across OS's
- Technical Program Management Skills

A little about us:
Our vision is simple and direct. If it computes, it does it best with Intel. We embrace all aspects of computing.

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