Housekeeping Technician Lead - Nights
Austin , Texas
December 11, 2017

Cleans and services facility. Performs a variety of environmental services duties to maintain the hospital in a neat, orderly, and sanitary condition.
Participates in providing patient specific care standards as directed, and follows service excellence standards to ensure high levels of patient satisfaction.


• Assists manager with training, inspecting, equipment maintenance, and supply inventory/restocking.
• Must cover an area when staffing is short.
• Must be able to use basic floor care equipment.
• Must properly clean floor care equipment.
• Responsible for stripping/waxing of hard floors.
• Responsible for burnishing, scrubbing, spot carpet, extract carpet, and upholster cleaning.
• Responsible for removing trash, linen, bio hazardous waste, and chemo waste appropriately.
• Responsible for the movement of beds as needed.
• Responsible for the setting up requesting meetings and events.
• Responsible for signing in and out of the time sheets.
• Responsible for clocking in and out appropriately.
• Responsible for obtaining a working pager/phone at the beginning of the shift.
• Responsible for returning pages in a timely manner.
• Responsible for cleaning occupied patient rooms.
• Responsible for cleaning discharged patient rooms.
• Responsible for cleaning isolation rooms.
• Must have good interpersonal relationships and customer service skills in adherence with AIDET and ICARE behavioral standards.
• Proper cart set-up to avoid cross contamination.
• Organizes cart in preparation of job assignment by stocking properly with all necessary supplies.
• Uses cleaning material, supplies, and prepared solutions according to procedure.
• Reports all damaged equipment to manager.
• Purpose of disinfecting.
• Meaning of standard precautions.
• Practices proper hand-washing procedures.
• Uses appropriate personal protective equipment.
• Understands isolation and signage.
• Frequently changes gloves.
• Handles biohazard waste appropriately.
• Disposes of sharps appropriately.
• Collects and transports trash throughout the facility.
• Demonstrates understanding of "clean linen" and where it is kept.
• Appropriately handles soiled linen and torn linen.
• Responds appropriately to linen shortages.
• Properly reports accidents before end of shift.
• Protects patient confidentiality.
• Wears proper protection when entering isolation rooms.
• Responds to code red or other emergency codes per policy.
• Follows SDS and "Right to Know" standards.
• Proper use of wet floor signs.
• Uses dilution station to mix chemicals properly.
• Uses only properly labeled bottles.
• Demonstrates understanding of the hazards of mixing chemical.
• Understands various use of chemicals related to the housekeeping job.
• Must be able to demonstrate basic computer skills.
• Must be able to demonstrate effective communication skills.
• Employee's conduct must reflect the Company's values and a commitment to the Code of Conduct ethics and compliance program.
• Employee reflects SDH Service Excellence standards in every interaction.
• Other duties as assigned.


Must be able to demonstrate understanding of national safety initiatives by strict compliance to all safety protocols and procedures required by both HCA and North Austin Medical Center.

Preferred: Ability to communicate in English, both written and orally


Required: Minimum of one year previous housekeeping experience

Preferred: High School Diploma or GED

A little about us:
HCA is the nation’s leading private provider of healthcare services. Comprised of locally managed facilities which include 230,000 employees at over 160 hospitals, over 120 surgery centers and 100 urgent care facilities in 20 states and the United Kingdom

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