Java Developer, OPC
Redwood City , California
February 08, 2017

Are you a development expert in Java, J2EE, Algorithms and/or Data Structures or are you experienced in advanced cloud technology development and want to join a world-class organization soaring into new ground?
If so, we are hiring in the Oracle Public Cloud and the bottom-line is that we need passionate, creative and experienced programmers and Architects on our leading-edge Cloud Computing teams, including:
Cloud Operating System
How do all the services and applications on the Cloud get deployed and provisioned onto bare metal hardware in a fully automated way? This is where our team comes into play. We build the system that sits on top of virtualized Compute, Storage and Network and orchestrates the ordering, deployment, provisioning and management of Cloud services and applications.
Cloud Infrastructure Services
To build meaningful applications on a Cloud Platform, there is a rich set of foundational services that need to be available. This team builds all the services that applications typically rely on, such as Storage, Messaging, Notifications, etc. Our team builds a whole suite of infrastructure services that makes it possible for any real-world app to be built and deployed on the Oracle Cloud.
Cloud Marketplace
This team builds the Oracle Cloud Application Store/Marketplace where Partners & Developers can build, certify and list applications. For example, an Oracle CRM customer who needs to integrate a 3rd party Compensation Management service, can do so by buying and using an application from the store, built by the 3rd party.
About Oracle's Public Cloud

Oracle publicly unveiled its Cloud Computing strategy during Larry Ellison's Open World 2011 keynote speech. According to several key analysts, the Oracle Public Cloud (OPC) is a key strategic move and will change the computing landscape forever. Our Cloud organization spent the last year making the current OPC release a reality and now we are seeking to take OPC to the next evolution. We are offering a comprehensive set of applications and services from with Oracle Database, Fusion Middleware and Fusion Applications including: Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Data as a Service (SaaS)

We are also embracing and integrating Social Media and Networks to take the enterprise class of services to a new era of conducting business and engaging with customers and partners. Our recent strategic acquisitions in Social Media also bolster our Cloud strategy. The combination of leading Oracle enterprise software, strategic Cloud investments, and a driven strategy from our leadership ensures that OPC will lead enterprise Cloud computing race.

Job Description

Additional Details
The base-line requirement for this position is a rock solid Java programming background. The position does not identify specific domain skills as mandatory because aggressive on-the-job learning is assumed. Candidates are expected to have significant depth of experience based on past employment. The ideal candidate will demonstrate strong skills in several of the following areas:
* Java Concurrency: multi-threading, locking, synchronization free concurrency implementation, Java concurrency patterns, etc.
* Java Design and Abstraction: designing classes and interface, using patterns effectively, documenting APIs clearly, planning for extension, design for testability
* Java Tuning and Debugging: general Java tuning, multi-threaded performance consideration, sophisticated online debugging, heap dump analysis, J2EE execution environment debugging
* Advanced Java Experience: hierarchical classloaders, runtime classloading, reflection APIs, use of generics in API design
* Java Database: core JDBC experience, ORM persistence frameworks, resource pooling and cleanup, datatype conversion
* OS Automation and Integration: scripting (sh, perl, etc.), Linux/Solaris tool familiarity, OS resource management, job management
* Networking: transport protocols, security, load balancing, routing, performance
* Specific Application Domain Knowledge: e.g. J2EE, Webservices, SOA architecture, Identity Management, High Availability architectures, scalable design and deployment, virtualization, etc.
Design, develop, troubleshoot and debug software programs for databases, applications, tools, networks etc.

As a member of the software engineering division, you will take an active role in the definition and evolution of standard practices and procedures. You will be responsible for defining and developing software for tasks associated with the developing, designing and debugging of software applications or operating systems.

Work is non-routine and very complex, involving the application of advanced technical/business skills in area of specialization. Leading contributor individually and as a team member, providing direction and mentoring to others. BS or MS degree or equivalent experience relevant to functional area. 7 years of software engineering or related experience.

Oracle is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and protected veterans status or any other characteristic protected by law.

A little about us:
Oracle is shifting the complexity from IT, moving it out of the enterprise by engineering hardware and software to work together—in the cloud.

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