KIT Signal Integrity Engineer
Santa Clara , California
January 12, 2017
The Enterprise Platform Signal Integrity (EPSI) department, within DCG, is looking for an experienced high speed differential I/O interconnect signal integrity engineer to be part of a team working on the development and characterization of state of the art multi GHz interconnects interfacing Intel CPU's and Chipsets to other Intel or 3rd party devices. The applicant should possess demonstrated ability to model and simulate the pad-pad interconnect on multi GHz differential IO links. Demonstrated experience in designing PCIe, USB, SATA, QPI, UPI, and ENET busses are highly valued. Ability to perform 2D and 3D modeling and be well versed in HFSS is an added plus.

Your responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:
-Developing electrical models for pad-pad electrical simulations of high speed differential busses.
-Defining and developing empirical lab measurement methods and analysis techniques for HSD busses.
-Working closely with server validation teams to establish that bus performance margins are adequate for product launch.
-Working as part of a diverse and dynamic team to define packaging implementations, printed circuit board design rules, high speed connector requirements, and specification requirements that will ensure an electrically robust design.
-Running high-speed analog digital simulation analysis in Simulink, SystemVue, Agilent ADS, and SigSim.
-Verification of IBIS-AMI models to silicon design environment.
-Documenting learnings, results and process developments for other engineers to leverage.
-Exploring, developing and documenting new methods to characterize PHY circuit behavior in simulation and/or lab environments.
-Working with the silicon PHY development team to learn transmitter and receiver architectures in order to collaborate to fine-tune the IO equalization features for a given application.
-Working with signal integrity teams to develop best known behavioral modeling methods.
-Working with technical marketing to support our server platform customer silicon modeling needs.
You should possess a MS with 5 years of experience.

Additional qualifications include:
-Knowledge of transmission-line effects, crosstalk, frequency domain analysis, termination techniques, signal return paths, design of experiments, and statistical analysis.
-Thorough understanding of high-speed interface design fundamentals.
Direct experience in die-die simulation of high speed serial differential interconnects.
-Significant experience running signal integrity simulations and analysis using tool such as Sigsim3, ADS, HSPICE, Silverdeck, & Cougar
-Thorough understanding of signal integrity concepts such as transmission line theory, signal return path, signal terminations, and Tx/Rx equalization techniques.
-Experience with silicon device modeling, such as IBIS or Verilog-A.
-Experience with hardware description languages, such as Verilog and SystemVerilog.
-Knowledgeable of signal integrity concepts such as: propagation, losses, parasitics, reflections, xtalk, ground bounce, power delivery and bypassing techniques for power/ground noise reduction, termination techniques for reflection noise control, on chip crosstalk, I/O buffer modeling, and the understanding of basic transistor circuits
-Experience with Frequency domain analysis for signaling and power delivery as well as understanding the sources of jitter and reduction techniques
-Knowledgeable about optical signaling concepts such as: silicon lasers, optical modulators, PAM4 signaling, optical fiber, photo detector and electrical/optical modeling.
-Significant experience in timing analysis and spreadsheet construction
-Strong analog background and Spice experience with strong programming skills using PERL and MATLAB
-Working knowledge with lab equipment such as with oscilloscopes, Time Domain Reflectometers (TDR), and skew/jitter measurements
-Good oral and written communication skills
-Team player, willing to take on a variety of projects
-Able to work in cross-functional team. (Fluency in Spanish is a plus.)
-Self motivator and good listening skills

A little about us:
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