Laboratory Asst PRN

Assists in the technical and clerical aspects of the Laboratory department. Receives and processes all specimens into the Laboratory department. Performs phlebotomy. Job may include direct supervision of students at the discretion of the area supervisor. Employee must have the same licensure or have completed the same training to satisfy the requirements of the discipline of the student
Position Requirements:

  1. Licensure/Certification/Registration: N/A

  2. Education: Basic reading comprehension required

  3. Experience: Familiarity with a hospital laboratory is desired. Medical terminology preferred.
  4. Performs in accordance with delineated job responsibilities and satisfactorily completes a yearly evaluation based on these responsibilities.
  5. Desire minimum of 6 months phlebotomy experience. Phlebotomy program certificate preferred.
  6. Must possess the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively meet the needs of the patient/internal & external customer

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