Lead Pharmacy Technician in Reading, PA

Under the direct supervision of the Pharmacist the Pharmacy Technician III assists in the preparation and distribution of drugs maintains drug inventory and records and provides a variety of clerical and technical assignments to assist with all other job-related duties. The hours for this position will be 7 AM - 7 PM EST Monday - Friday and a rotating 10 AM - 3 PM EST Saturday shift.

This position is categorized as compliance critical and as such requires and is assigned specific responsibility for ensuring continual and proper compliance with all division corporate and regulatory requirements.
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  1. Responsible for creating a patient profile in the pharmacy information system.
  2. Enters all necessary prescription plan information in the patient profile for processing and adjudicating patient's prescriptions.
  3. Responsible for entering all new patient prescription information into the pharmacy information system.
  4. Retrieves and prepares the medication for pharmacist review and verification.
  5. Prepares inventory reports for pharmacist review to purchase needed inventory.
  6. Submits receives and places inventory in stock.
  7. Answers inbound telephone calls and triages calls as appropriate based upon the nature of the call to the appropriate staff.
  8. Assists Pharmacist by providing required information consults with patients.
  9. Assists with the reviews and handling of all adjudicated prescription claims to ensure appropriateness of reimbursement co-pay and related financials and if needed as directed follows up all such claims deemed inappropriate.
  10. Assists Pharmacy Manager in the administration of pharmacy services and training.
  11. Assists pharmacy staff with procurement procedures.
  12. Responsible for generating reports i.e. patient charges billing and purchasing.
  13. Assists in maintaining all pricing tables special tier pricing and related pricing structures as deemed necessary for the operation.
  14. Assists with HR procedures accounts payable and accounts receivable at the local pharmacy level.
  15. Assists with information technology functions.
  16. Intervenes with Pharmacy Benefit Manager Companies to resolve plan and patient specific adjudication issues.
  17. Coordinates and assures the ambulatory robotic dispensing technology is maintained by staff pharmacy technicians.
  18. Coordinates and actively participates in assuring medications and supplies are provided to patients as a part of the patient concierge prescription program.
  19. Performs other job-related duties as assigned.

Normally requires a minimum of two (2) years directly related and progressively responsible experience bachelor's degree program or equivalent combination of experience and education; pharmacy technician certified with a state or national technical certification organization.
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  1. Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing
  2. Ability to work quickly and accurately under time and volume constraints
  3. Strong interpersonal skills
  4. Ability to resolve patient issues quickly and creatively in order to improve customer satisfaction
  5. Familiarity with pharmaceutical products services and drug interactions
  6. Strong organizational skills; attention to detail
  7. Good analytical skills

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