Lead Product Development Scientist
Battle Creek , Michigan
September 28, 2016
Kellogg North America seeks a Lead Product Development Scientist in Battle Creek, MI

Summary of Duties
Utilize knowledge and experience in cocoa processes including: cleaning, roasting, cocoa liquor processing, alkalization, cocoa powder pressing and cocoa butter processing; and chocolate and confectionery processes: refining, conching, chocolate tempering, ball milling, enrobing, hard and soft panning, aerated chocolate, chocolate molding, one-shot technology and moulding starches and specific training in the operation of equipment to support previously mentioned cocoa, chocolate, confectionery and cereal formula and process development including: five roll refiner, three roll refiner, Buhler or Carle-Montanari conching unit, ball milling, Aasted tempering unit, Brookfield viscometer, one-shot moulding machine, Haas Mondomix and E.T Oakes aeration equipment, Aested Molding equipment, Cavemil, Sollich and Multicavemil chocolate moulding, Mogul Starch moulding equipment, traditional and automatic panning systems like those from Dumoulin; Cereal equipment including Werner and Pfleider and Buhler twin screw extruders, cereal dryers, co-mills, Haas, Spooner and Jetzone ovens and continuous and batch cereal coating systems to participate in chocolate, confectionery and cereal food product development projects for domestic and international markets, including concept testing, prototype development, evaluation of raw materials and preparation and maintenance of project formulas and testing documentation.
Coordinate with appropriate teams to determine ingredient availability, regulatory environment, cost information and specification parameters prior to consumer testing.
Identify potential allergen and safety issues.
Understand and define process needs and capabilities.
Coordinate testing as it relates to packaging material/food interactions, pack fit, and distribution.
Support food technologists in plant testing, scale-up, commercialization and process optimization to reduce raw material costs and resolve quality issues.
Participate in projects designed to optimize and improve chocolate, confectionery and cereal processing, cost savings and process improvement.
Participate in quality control of raw materials for chocolate and cereal products.
Apply sensory skills with focus on cacao beans, cocoa liquor and cocoa powder; formulation of chocolate and confectionery products; technical understanding of fats, oils, emulsifiers and their interactions in food systems; general knowledge of food regulations and specifics for the chocolate and cereal industry.
Utilize working knowledge of SAP systems specific to recipe development and raw material specification management and statistical software similar to SAS and Minitab.
Minimum of a Bachelor's degree in Food Science, Biochemistry, Engineering or related field and a minimum of five years of product and process development experience in cocoa, chocolate, confectionery and/or cereal technologies.

Please apply to Kellogg North America Company, a division of Kellogg Company, a division of Kellogg Company, at www.kelloggcareers.com . Ref. # RES000631

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