Learning Manager

The purpose of this role is primarily focused on the creation, delivery and execution of identified core learning deliverables and experiences that are viewed as key requirements to help drive the EXP business unit initiatives and contributing to achieving the retention and growth priorities.  This role will require a collaborative and growth mindset to ensure successful partnering with internal business unit stakeholders as well as other BU learning & development professionals to ensure a consistent approach and messaging across all training within Gartner.  This role will be responsible for an “end-to-end” approach during the creation of assigned learning experiences based on using the ADDIE development framework and will be accountable across every stage of the process to ensure a successful deliverable that meets the MVP expectation and EXP business unit needs.
* Ability to work with senior SDE roles to interview subject matter experts to identify the business need and new destination behaviors/habits that will form the basis of target audience training needs.
* Ability to determine and document the appropriate training plan that would be required to deliver the business need.
* Develop and project manage highly complex training projects.
* Maintain a keen understanding of training trends, developments, tools and best practices including external vendors that would enhance training programs.
* Ability to work with senior SDE roles during the development of training curriculums and training plans using a variety of methods (mentoring, coaching, classroom, on-the-job, eLearning, workshops, simulations, etc.).
* Gather feedback from stakeholders during the design process to ensure the development of the most relevant and impactful content.
* Create engaging learning and compelling course content that will deliver the training outcome and enhance learning retention across a variety of mediums (audio, video, simulation, role plays, games etc.) to ensure participation and understanding by the target SDA audience.
* Develops e-Learning production scripts, storyboards and quizzing based on project needs assessments.
* Use creative, agile and learning techniques to develop the materials in the fastest time possible while not comprising the overall quality of the learning experience, materials and assets.
* Manages projects by establishing and meeting deliverables on time and within budget.
* Deliver and present training materials to the target SDA audience to ensure understanding and behavioral adoption where required (with support from SDE senior roles if required).
* Continually gather feedback and input from SDE leadership, stakeholders and training survey results to determine the overall effectiveness of training materials
* Partner with the Service Delivery Enablement team to create criteria/surveys used to assess the learner’s performance and understanding.

Job Requirements:
* BA degree in IT, Business, Marketing, Instructional Design, Education Technology or similar
* Prior business experience, including 5 years of experience in corporate instructional design; 2-5 years of service delivery experience is preferred

* Experience in writing effective instructional text, audio and video scripts

* Experience in course development

* Experience/Understanding in visual design skills with ability to storyboard

* Knowledge of course development software

* Knowledge of at least one Learning Management System (ideally Cornerstone)

* Knowledge of at least one eLearning development software (ideally Articulate, Adobe, Ceros)
* Tenacity, accountability, sense of urgency, results oriented

* Hands-on curriculum development experience

* Demonstrated ability to develop and manage programmatic execution on all project efforts

* Ability to work on multiple projects at any given time whilst ensuring successful delivery of the agreed training plan

* Willing to accept fully accountability across all projects assigned

* Strong communication skills (both written and oral) with an ability to partner and work with a variety of BU roles

* Able to collaborate with stakeholders to ensure buy-in

* Strong team player, willing to share ideas and information with peers and business leaders

* Willingness to develop visual design skills (Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator) would be highly desirable

* Growth Mindset – sees problems as opportunities

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