Legal Editor

  • Company: Adecco
  • Posted: November 25, 2016
  • Reference ID: 752147891
Contract Job Description: All Reference Attorneys (RSAs) are responsible for providing customers with professional legal research assistance and education on products, services, and solutions. We are the leading source of intelligent information for the world's businesses and professionals, providing customers with competitive advantage. Intelligent information is a unique synthesis of human intelligence, industry expertise and innovative technology that provides decision-makers with the knowledge to act, enabling them to make better decisions faster. We deliver this must-have insight to the financial and risk, legal, tax and accounting, intellectual property and science and media markets, powered by the world's most trusted news organization. Responsibilities: • Serve as front line product interface for external customers, potential customers, and field staff by assisting with retrieval of relevant information, developing and recommending appropriate search strategies, and educating customers for optimal use of their subscription. • Provide professional assistance and education to customers utilizing telephone, live help chats, and email, including appropriate follow up such as reporting errors and forwarding training and sales leads. RSAs act as a liaison between the customer and other internal departments as appropriate. • Add value to the customer experience by explaining and promoting existing and newly-released products, features, editorial enhancements and services that fit the customer's needs, and by capturing relevant customer feedback and maintaining accurate records of all incoming and outgoing contact with all customers. • All Reference Attorneys are held to quality and customer availability standards. As this job role continuously evolves, RSAs are responsible for continuous development of their own skill base and the improvement of their own work performance through successful and timely completion of ongoing departmental training offerings, by remaining up to date on new products, enhancements and legal trends, by utilizing manager coaching and contact evaluation feedback, and through self-identification of better ways to accomplish tasks. Requirements: • This job role requires a high level of working knowledge related to the law and legal research, the practice of law, the legal process, the legal industry, and always expanding product line and product plans, with an emphasis on WestlawNext and integrated platforms. • Skills include computer and product proficiency, ability to master a complex information system, ability to multi-task, expertise in content coverage and search techniques, excellent customer service skills, complex problem solving skills, and a high level of individual discretion to ensure outcomes of customer satisfaction, increased customer loyalty and retention, and business success. Qualifications: • Juris Doctorate from U.S. accredited law school • Bar Admission from any state. We will ONLY accept candidates who are TRULY BAR Admitted. It is very important that all workers are Bar Admitted (any state). Local candidates only. Training is 8-4:30 for 6 weeks. • 1-2 years+ of prior legal experience preferred. • Prior experience in customer service or telephone work preferred. • Excellent customer service and communication skills. • Computer and systems proficiency with ability to multitask and adapt to supporting customers via phone, live help chats,email or other media. • Ability to work assigned shift for eight consecutive hours per day. Must be available for any shifts that start between 10 am and 4 pm. Likely they will be assigned a start time between 11:30 am - 3:00 pm. Comments: Attorneys will be calling these workers to ask for help on legal research, etc. Candidates must be bar admitted (any state) and have excellent phone customer service. 1 - 2 years legal experience is preferred - not required. Exp with Westlaw is a plus! Training is 8-4:30 for 6 weeks. Please make sure candidate understands that their normal shift could begin at any time between 10 AM - 4:00 PM.

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