Level 3 - Training

  • Company: Owens Corning
  • Location: Concord, North Carolina
  • Posted: December 23, 2016
  • Reference ID: 3671696

The Tip Cell is a self-supportive team that is responsible for the production of tip sections for fabrication and external customers. It consists of PAW, Assembly, and Gusset Operations combined together to flow material from its raw stage to finished product in minimal time.
The successful candidate will operate a different PAW Machines to create the Tip Plate for Assembly as the schedule determines. The role of a PAW operator ensures the best quality Tip Plate will be sent to the next part of the process. The PAW operator is responsible for ensuring all Tip Plates meet specific standards as well as maintaining machines operations.

  • Adhere to all OC and Plant specific requirements
  • Participate on safety teams
  • Maintain a clean and orderly work area
  • Recognize, report and correct safety hazards upon identification
  • Manage inventory supply for processing
  • Complete and record all quality data
  • Metric board maintenance
  • Document process improvements to enhance standard work
  • Follow all process controls and provide documentation
  • Inspect all work for accuracy
Main Responsibilities
  • Producing tip plates per priority sheets
  • Cleaning/stamping and checking plates
  • Quality inspection before and after PAW
  • Entering measurements in to quality database
  • Loading/unloading tip plates in and out of PAW Machines
  • Switching out and inspecting tooling setups
  • Running PAW Programs
  • Debugging and correcting machine issues
  • Annealing and flattening tip plates
  • Dye Testing
  • Trimming plates on trim dies
  • Drilling out and replacing eyelets
  • Performing inventory
  • Participating in STAR Point meetings
  • GAT Transactions
  • Data recording
  • Metric Board Maintenance
Regular Attendance
All other duties as assigned or needed
  • Flexible to changes that are needed to meet business demands

  • High School Diploma or GED EquivalentEXPERIENCE
  • 1 plus years of manufacturing experience
  • 1 plus years of machine operation experience or machining certification
  • Ability to work well in teams, sharing ideas and supporting others
  • Results oriented, completes assignments on time, and able to multitask
  • Strong math skills
  • Detailed oriented, delivers quality products (i.e. contamination, tolerances,)
  • Understanding of measurement tolerances, skilled with calipers and micrometers
  • Basic knowledge of GAT and maintenance orders
  • Ability to accurately complete inventory transactions/controls
  • Solid planning and organizing skills
  • Strong technical/mechanical aptitude
  • Possess strong problem solving skills
  • Ability to detect flaws in operation of mechanical equipment
  • Ability to operate a computer and troubleshooting malfunctions
  • Embraces continuous improvement, utilizes a systematic approach for making process and/or products better

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