Center Manager in Training - Fort Worth/Arlington Area

  • Company: Hospital Corporation of America
  • Location: Coppell, Texas
  • Posted: November 26, 2017
  • Reference ID: 24901-62168
Seeking a Licensed Clinic Manager in Training to provide support to the strategic leadership that will manage the overall operations of our CareNow facilities in the North Dallas area. The Clinic Manager in Training also provides expertise to ensure all patients are receiving high quality, efficient care. We are seeking a great addition to the team who feels patient care is as important as we do!!
The CareNow Urgent Care Clinic hours are Monday-Friday 8am-9pm, Saturdays 8am-8pm, and Sundays 8am-5pm. You must have the flexibility to work during those hours.
**This position will aid in coverage of the Fort Worth/ Arlington area.**
  • Learn to respond appropriately to customer concerns.
  • Learn to complete patient complaint paperwork and send it back to the home office completed and in a timely.
  • Learn to listen for proper phone etiquette of staff and how to address if needed.
  • Learn to monitor feedback collected and identify areas to improve customer service.
  • Learn how Monitor the wait times and how to conduct wait time meetings as well as how to research wait time problems. Learn how to identify problems with the wait times and what measures to implement in an effort to make sure the wait times improve.
  • Monitor wait times daily, evenings and weekends using the CareNow MOPS app. Learn what can and should be done immediately in the event a clinic's wait times are too high due to higher than expected volume or slower providers.
  • Learn how to do top 20 account calls and W/C chart audits. Learn how to do wait time report for accounts to ensure they are being treated in a timely manner. Master skill of communication with top accounts. Learn how to support the marketing department.
  • Learn how to participate in and support methods of measuring customer satisfaction by reviewing patient satisfaction surveys and how to follow up on negative comments.

Planning and Administration
  • Learn to do clinic efficiencies, how they affect the bottom line of the clinic.
  • Learn to revise staffing budget spreadsheets according to allotted number of hours.
  • Learn how to make schedules for staff and providers.
  • Learn how to ensure all open shifts are filled; make calls to get needed coverage.
  • Learn how to conduct quarterly staff meetings
  • Learn how to oversee medical information requests.
  • Learn to oversee daily business reports/banking and deposits.
  • Learn how to develop close working relationships with the MD/AMD.
  • Learn to conduct and document bi-annual mock codes.
  • Learn to conduct/document quarterly fire/disaster drills
  • Learn to monitor all key clinical areas including front desk and lab.
  • Learn what pertinent information should be relayed to Area Managers regarding personnel problems
  • Learn to make necessary corrections in automated payroll system and be able to enter PTO and sign off on payroll
  • Learn how to monitor employee missed punches in Time Centre on a daily basis.
  • Learn how to support and oversee implementation of new corporate policies at the center level with positive communication.
  • Learn to interview candidates as to ensure that only quality staff members are hired.
  • Learn to create and/or assist in creating all new hire training schedules.
  • Learn proper way of monitoring new hires during all phases of training and how to give positive reinforcement as needed.
  • Learn to assess inventory/use par level to order supplies. Must ensure the clinic has adequate supplies and does not run out of any.
  • Must know policies and procedures and agree to uphold them. Including HIPAA.
  • Learn to obtain and share information from meetings and seminars with staff
  • Learn what it means to be accessible to staff and to be a positive role model.
  • Learn what the CQI program is and how it works.
  • Learn to enlist ideas for improvement from staff members. Listen to ideas and encourage the staff to use the CQI request forms for expressing ideas for improvement.
  • Learn ways to give clear instruction and communicate necessary information
  • Learn system for following up on assignments to insure that work is completed.
  • Learn how to realize training needs of employees and inform Area Manager.
  • Learn how to have positive interaction with the corporate office and other locations to provide continuity of care.
  • Learn to act as liaison between the home office and staff
  • Learn the expectation of productivity for each staff member and provide counseling or positive feedback when needed.
  • Learn how to keep personnel records on each staff member.
  • Learn how to conduct timely/accurate performance evaluations of employees.
  • Learn how to promote team work and a positive environment in the clinic.
  • Participate in mandatory weekend on call rotations.

Clerical Tasks
  • Learn to process all accounts payable invoices on a timely basis.
  • Learn to train staff and oversee the process and documentation of significant incident occurrences in the center.
  • Learn how to review all mail and delegate workload
  • Learn how to close out (front desk)
  • Learn to enter all purchases on the budget spreadsheet monthly.
  • Learn how to monitor all logs for front desk, nurse and lab.

Oversee Physical Assets of Clinic
  • Learn how to use the maintenance Track It system for maintenance needs and what items would require a ticket or is more immediate and would go through the Area Manager.
  • Learn to oversee upkeep of lobby
  • Learn to oversee upkeep of clinic exterior, i.e. lights, landscape, parking lot.
  • Learn to monitor cleaning of clinic by outside cleaning services and communicate areas of needed improvement to the cleaning company.
  • Learn to maintain key control and alarm codes.
  • Learn to conduct monthly lighting inspection at clinic and send spread sheet to operations each month.
  • Learn how to prepare and follow up on items noted in the Center Review.

Employee Advocate
  • Learn to help employees be successful.
  • Learn to promptly address areas of needed improvement with employees in private.
  • Learn to give praise and compliment employees in public.
  • Learn how to effectively communicate with all staff members.
  • Learn to communicate in a timely manner to employee when human resource items are due.
  • Learn to sign up employees for needed in-services and classes. Ensure that all needed information is communicated to them. Follow-up with employees who no-show to mandatory classes or meetings.
  • Learn how to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.
  • Learn to Encourage employee's continuing education as needed.
  • Learn to follow-up on any/all questions employees come to you with.
  • Learn to ensure that clinic staff knows and follows policies and procedures.
  • Learn how to hold the expectations high for all employees; to ensure that there is patient and employee satisfaction at all times.
Admission Skills
  • Learn to help greet all patients courteously and with a smile in a timely manner
  • Learn to ensure waiting area clean during shift
  • Learn to help register and discharge all patients manually or by computer daily in an expedient manner
  • Learn to monitor audio systems

Interpersonal Relations
  • Must treat guests, patients, physicians and other employees with care, courtesy and respect.
  • Must present a positive image of the clinic and home office
  • Must responds quickly and appropriately to all requests
  • Must focus on the future, not dwell on past difficulties
  • Must maintain strict confidentiality and preserve the dignity of others
  • Learn to be an active listener

Quality/Continuous Improvement
  • Continuously looks for and suggests ways to improve
  • Implement improvements upon approval from reviewer
  • Carries out assignments with the appropriate level of direction
  • Uses past experiences as a learning process
The HCA Physician Services Group (PSG) is the physician and practice management solution for the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA). PSG operates more than 750 practices, Urgent Care Facilities, and partners with HCA's 165 hospitals to structure employed provider programs, professional service agreements, and joint ventures that offer the communities we serve high quality, cost effective care. We manage a collection of highly motivated and innovative leaders who are committed to excellence in every aspect of their career.
  • Experienced as a licensed healthcare professional as an RN, LVN, LPN, EMT-P or Paramedic, MA, ARRT, NCT, or LMRT and has maintained an active license . Corpsman experience may be considered.
  • Must agree that the patient in the clinic is our highest priority and do your best to ensure that you lead in this by example.
  • Must agree to be professional and a positive role model.
  • Believe in and support our mission statement.
  • Desire to hold a Center Manager position.
  • Willing to travel to clinics in one region (All of West or All of East).
  • Willing to take a Center Manager position when offered one.
  • Willing to take call for a Center Manager or fill in for vacations or FMLA.
  • Willingness and ability to report to more than one Area Manager if needed.
  • Willing to accept new clinic/manager assignments weekly.
  • Open to change and flexible.
  • Willing to take notes, retain important information and follow up as needed.
  • Ability to use computer including programs such as Excel, Word and email.
  • Ability to multi-task.
  • Willing to have salaried compensation and work late or at home if necessary to get work completed.


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