M&A Assistant

  • Company: Adecco
  • Location: Durham, North Carolina
  • Posted: January 11, 2017
  • Reference ID: 1348481052
Job Title: M&A Assistant

Historical data
- Responsible for reviewing the provided historical tax filings for the acquisitions to ensure all payments were made, all filings were complete.
- Ensure the correct amounts of taxes paid to the agencies tie out to what was due based on reviewing the payroll reports.
- Collect all historical data from the target companies and provide to appropriate country for their review of the complete data.
- Making sure historical data is archived when required.

Current Deals
- Assist the Leads on the integration of acquired companies into payroll system.
- Assist in collecting data from the target company and updating templates as needed.
- Update a number of templates with data from the Global Acquisition team leads.
- When requested by Leads, assist in working with partners when there are payment adjustments that need to be made to employees (bonuses, Gross-ups, corrections to 401k loan amounts, etc)
- Work with members of the acquisition team to provide data to them when requested.
- Update the M&A metrics tool on a continuous basis with all pertinent data for each deal.

Tax Vendor (ETS)
- Work closely with the management of the 3rd party vendor (ETS) in providing necessary documentation to them. This will enable them to analyze the accounts to be closed, determine if there are any issues to be resolved, and then proceed with filing the necessary paperwork with the tax agencies.
- Assist ETS with the STAR project on an annual basis (refund of overpaid ER FICA taxes for target)
- Work with the tax agencies, 3rd party vendor and tax team to review any tax forms, audits, tax due statements and requests as well as sending correspondence to agencies.
- Manage the budgets for each acquisition with the 3rd party vendor, ensuring invoices are paid timely and amount paid for each acquisition matched the budget proposed.
- Payments and Reclasses
- Review the bonus payments made each pay period, monthly to ensure valid ones are processes.
- On a bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly timeframe, collect data from all countries for payments made that are to be re-classed to proforma department/account and instruct the appropriate contacts on the reclasses to be done. Follow up to ensure all have been completed.

Year-end Process
- Help manage the Global YE process
- Communicate with target payroll and/or payroll vendor to ensure all payroll information has been included in the employee¿s records for the YE form, confirm YE tax form completed, distribution of them to employees.
- Work with the HR (if needed) deal lead for any communications that need to go out to the employees.
o Work with M&A Stock to make sure Disqualifying Disposition (US only) process is in place and confirm due dates of file to payroll to include in YE tax statement.

- Work on projects as determine by manager.
- Update bi-weekly status of items outstanding/process of projects.
- Run reports out of payroll system (Pro) and HRMS (Oracle) as needed.
- Run reports out of target payroll systems as required for historical data.
- Work with partners as required when requests come in for target information.
- Update templates, documents, documentation as changes occur.
- Collecting metric data when needed for GBS management.

Minimum Requirements & Technical Skills:
- Require prior experience in day to day payroll preferably with over 5000 employees
- Integrating acquisitions experience preferred; Work with payroll staff on researching things or need their help on paying employees correctly
- Experience in running reports from the payroll system and the HR database
- Need to be knowledgeable and have experience in multi-state taxation
- Will be required to know what is needed for historical data and be able to review data received to ensure all payments were made and filings were completed
- Prior Project Manager experience a +, need to be able to manage from the beginning to the end of integrating a target company. Be able to work with a number of partners, be able to sometimes come up with compromise on exceptions to the company¿s rules/policies
- Experience in working with 3rd party vendors in the areas of the day to day payroll, tax data, providing acquired company¿s information. You will need to interact with them sometimes on a weekly basis reviewing issues, providing them with data and asking them for documentation. Will also have to work on deciphering budgets for an acquisition; There may be a need to juggle working on more than one company at the same time, be able to keep things straight with good documentation. Keep documents up to date as changes in processes occur
- Work with the leads to assist them on the integration of the acquisitions.

Desired Skills:
Ideal candidate will have experience with multiple payroll systems - the more diverse systems experience will be helpful in this role (for example, ADP platforms, Paychex, etc)

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