Machine Operator C

  • Company: Owens Corning
  • Location: Brunswick, Maine
  • Posted: November 11, 2016
  • Reference ID: 3429695
Job Title: Machine Operator
Location: Brunswick, ME

The Machine Operator follows all plant and safety rules and practices. This includes the wearing of personal protective equipment when required. Regular and on-time attendance is essential. Machine Operators work in a team environment, ensures plant support understand their role, knows what precautions are necessary, where the emergency stop buttons are and how the machine guards operate.
Manager: Team Leader

  • The Machine Operator will need to understand the task safety analysis for equipment assigned.
  • Machine Operators review works orders and complete Quality Check Reviews and follow the work order instruction to complete the work order form.
  • Reviews the style sheet requirements and performs setup activities (with help when required) as specified on the style sheet and appropriate "machine" work instruction, with the assistance of floor support, install and perform beam changes on assigned machines as needed.
  • Runs work orders in the priority set by the Production Planners(s).
  • Ensures that machine guards and all other safety devices are in place.
  • Inspects products to ensure they meet specified requirements.
  • Documents run time sheet and updates with issues that impacted production.
  • Ensures product is identified using a label/in-process tag or packaging label depending on the status of the product.
  • Understands non-conforming product must be identified and assigned Team Leader notified.
  • Recognizes non-conforming product must be segregated into the non-conforming area.
  • Aware of activities in working surroundings and is responsible for keeping the area clean, tidy and safe.
  • Reports any unsafe act, condition, accident or injury immediately to supervisor(s). Understands and follows the lock-out procedure.
  • Accepts or requests' materials needed from the material handler/receiving forklift operator, and verifies that the material delivered is correct.
  • Attends training, seminars and meetings as required by management.
  • Other task as assigned by team leader.

  • C-Operator must be able to run one machine to machine efficiency standard.
  • Must be able to interpret documents (safety rules, operating/procedure instructions, style sheets)
  • Must have ability to communicate effectively with co-workers, supervision and management.
  • Must have the ability to do basic mathematical calculations (add, subtract, multiply, divide in all units of measure, using whole numbers, common fractions, decimals).
  • Must have the ability to read a tape measure.

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