Machine Operator Mechanic
Hagerstown , Maryland
February 08, 2017
Position Summary:

Performs job duties with direction of Production Supervisor, performs the basic duties of the Machine Operator / Mechanic Class A. Performs and/or observes the performance of the classification with a goal of reaching Production Supervisor performance level within 1 year.

Education, Training Experience:

¿ High school graduate or equivalent GED.
¿ A demonstrated ability to read, write and follow verbal and written instructions in the English language.

Special Equipment or Other Requirements:

¿ Must have standard/metric mechanical tool set within 30 days of employment.
¿ Must complete 3-5 training classes, pertaining to job classification, within 90 days. These classes will be pre-arranged by Parker Plastics (if applicable).
¿ Must have completed all Parker Plastics Certification programs.
¿ Requires constant visual attention; ability to discern flaws in containers.
¿ Operator must have positive attendance points to continue cross training program.
¿ Must know and be able to assist in the training of lower classification employees on the in-house computer inventory systems for production entries.
¿ Must possess a valid motor vehicle license.
¿ Must pass mechanical aptitude testing (above 70%).
¿ Know Quality Control Orientation Program.
¿ Must have Forklift Certification.
¿ Must be able to lift 30 ¿35 pounds above the head frequently.
¿ Must be able to lift 35 ¿ 45 pounds above the head occasionally.

Duties and Responsibilities:

¿ Perform all job duties in a safe manner (this includes wearing eye and hearing protection in designated areas).
¿ Perform housekeeping duties such as keeping floor clear of debris (scraps, blobs, and excess flash), cleaning machines in accordance with Third Party regulations.
¿ Maintains a high degree of cleanliness in accordance with Third Party regulations.
¿ Start and stop equipment in a proper and safe manner.
¿ Complete the Q.C procedures outlined for this position.
¿ Properly clear equipment of bottles/boxes that have became jammed within the equipment.
¿ Make all mechanical adjustments to all equipment.
¿ Clean head tooling knife blades, and molds with the proper equipment and materials.
¿ Makes complete machine changeovers without any set-up aids (set-up sheets, cartridges, or saved programs).
¿ With direct supervision of Quality Control personnel help perform first piece quality checks (OFC, ¿T¿, ¿E¿, etc.) with the known bottle specifications, while completing the proper documentation to support findings.
¿ Maintains proper paperwork, logs and records (work orders, machine problems, settings, and changes) as required.
¿ Ensure that proper levels of materials (virgin and regrind) are being introduced to the equipment.
¿ Troubleshoot equipment problems (electrical, mechanical, hydraulics).
¿ Helps grind all out of spec containers.
¿ Ensure that regrind is properly packaged, identified, and stored for later usage.
¿ May be asked to complete set-ups/changeovers as required on equipment.
¿ May be asked to cover for other shift Machine Operator / Mechanic Classes (Trainee, B, or A) during personnel shortage (vacations, sick leave etc.)
¿ Enter production quantities into the in-house computer inventory systems.
¿ Assist co-workers where needed.

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