Machine Operator (Molding Operator)

  • Company: Adecco
  • Location: Milford, New Hampshire
  • Posted: January 18, 2017
  • Reference ID: 105053188
Adecco has partnered up with a company in Milford, NH to recruit for a 2nd shift Mold Operator position. This exciting new position is looking for a dedicated Machine Operator to succeed as a part of their team. The ideal candidate will have worked as a Mold Operator or Machine Operator in the past, have excellent communication/math skills and comfortable with 2nd shift hours.

Responsible for operating and rending metal or plastic molding, core making, or casting machines to mold or cast metal or thermoplastic parts or products.

Hours: 3:30PM- 11:00PM Monday - Friday


> Pour liquid or powdered material into molds to form components for electric motors, generators, and other mechanisms: weighs specified amounts of materials into mixing machine and starts machine
> Position assemblies into mold cavity using spacer blocks and pilot pins
> Pours mixture into mold and allows mixture to set in press or harden in furnace
> Removes assembly from mold and scraps hardened material with knife and rasp to trim to specified size
> Cuts, bends, shapes and bolts together pieces of metal to adapt of improvise assembly fixtures to hold parts in mold
> May touch leads to meter and observe dial readings to test assembly for electrical continuity
> Operate metal and plastic molding and casting machines
> Mold and cast metal or thermoplastic parts
> Design and develop new molds, molding processes, techniques, as well as process improvements and cost reductions
> Develop and document manufacturing instructions and data sheets
> Operate compression or injection molding machines
> Mix catalysts and coloring pigments
> Operate mixing machine
> Cut off excess material
> Grind scraps into powder
> Read specifications to determine setup and prescribed temperature and time settings
> Pour product into mold
> Remove cured product from mold
> Inspect products for surface defects and flaws
> Ensure conformance to specifications
> Position and secure assembled mold and mold components
> Put dies into machine
> Coat dies with parting agent
> Eliminate production of defective parts and products
> Weigh compounds and pour compounds into die well
> Fill machine hoppers
> Regulate molding temperature, volume, pressure, and time
> Activate machine to inject dies
> Attach connecting lines


> High School Degree or GED
> Good understanding of machining practices
> Basic mathematical skills and measuring instruments
> Effective communication and interpersonal skills
> Problem solving skills
> Motivated and shows willingness to learn
> Team player who works in cooperation with others

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