Machine Operators

As an Extruder Operator you will be responsible for operating plastic extrusion machines which convert PVC powder into a variety of shapes and sizes of profiles used in the manufacture of various building related products. You will adhere to all EHS standards and requirements. Operator candidates will successfully complete placement testing which includes but is not limited to measurement testing, and production/distribution/assembly evaluation. Your responsibilities will include but not be limited to the following:

* Set up dies, extrusion machines and auxiliary equipment
* Observe machine operation to detect profile defects or machine malfunction and readjust operating conditions such as heater, water and vacuum settings; pressure; screw and conveyor speed; and cooling system.
* Conduct quality checks by measuring product dimensions to determine accuracy of machine operation by using precision calipers
* Move finished profile and prepare racks of product for shipment
* Carry scrap and defective profile to grinding machine bins
* Fill hopper, and perform minor machine maintenance such as lubrication and cleaning dies
* Take hourly readings of machine gauges and document results on run sheets.
* Accurately count and report production and inventory at end of shift
* Perform duties in safe and responsible manner;
* Attend all plant EHS training as scheduled, follow guidelines, rules, procedures and programs as trained

If you have these qualifications, then we have the position for you!
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