Sets up and operates multiple Davenport screw machines. Incumbent will have control to make minor adjustments to the process or machine after tasks are assigned.


Basic Qualifications

• Independently makes complete set up of Davenport screw machines.

• Selects, mounts, and adjusts cutting tools; regulates time cycles; sets machine speeds, feeds and stops.

• Selects and positions gears and cams as called out on screw machine layout.

• Works from orders, screw machine part prints and screw machine layouts.

• Operates machines to perform turning, drilling, reaming, facing, tapping, threading, forming and other operations within the capacity of the machine.

• Sets up machine to produce parts to close tolerances. Checks parts intermittently to specified dimensions.

• Recognizes improper machine functioning or cutting action of tools; troubleshoots and makes proper adjustments.

• Re sharpens tooling using support equipment.

• Applies complete knowledge of machinists hand and measuring tools.

• Applies knowledge of metals, alloys, cutting oils and coolants, as required.

• Performs S.P.C. charting from predetermined dimensions.

• Performs knitting task.

• Assist factory supervision and leaders in the training of machine operators.

• Parts to be lifted and/or transported may weigh up to 30 lbs.

• Keeps work area clean, safe and in an orderly fashion on a daily basis.

• Performs other tasks of equal or lesser skill as required.

Preferred Qualifications

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