Mail Services Specialist 2

  • Company: R R Donnelley
  • Posted: January 27, 2017
  • Reference ID: 206147
  • Operate machines that automatically addresses, weighs, and ties into bundles printed publications, such as magazines, catalogs, and pamphlets, for mailing according to zip code. 
  • Set-up and run mailing department processing equipment (inkjet, inserter etc)
  • Prepare mail in accordance with USPS regulations
  • Review manufacturing instructions to determine type and size of publication scheduled for mailing. 
  • Make adjustments to guides, rollers, loose card inserter, weighing machine, and tying arm, using rule and hand tools. 
  • Records production according to customer name and zip code, and machine down time due to malfunctions or lack of work. 
  • Processes and ships outgoing small package parcels such as UPS, Federal Express, and DHL.
  • Hand assembly and fulfillment
  • Other duties as assigned.


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