Maintenance Mech 1

  • Company: Owens Corning
  • Location: Wabash, Indiana
  • Posted: September 15, 2016
  • Reference ID: 3032989
Job Title: Maintenance Mechanic I
Reports To: Maintenance Supervisor
Job Title: Maintenance Mechanic I
Reports To: Maintenance Supervisor
Basic Job Function:
The Mechanic I must have the ability to keep machinery and mechanical equipment of the
establishment in state of good repair, examines machines for defects in operation, by listening to
machine, checking machinery or parts or by other methods based on mechanical knowledge. The
Mechanic I must be able to dismantle equipment, remove and repair defective part(s) by using various
hand tools such as wrenches, screw drivers, pliers, etc. and re-assemble the machine in good working
order, making necessary adjustments to ensure efficient operation.
Skills and Abilities:
The Maintenance Mechanic I is expected to perform general maintenance functions and have the
ability to perform the following functions:
• Change Motor bearings (all horsepower)
• Mechanical Drives (including but not limited to reducers, chains, sprockets, belts & sheaves,
• Wire up Motors and Breakers (all voltages)
• Use Electrical Testing Equipment (including but not limited to voltage tester, amp probe,
multimeter, megger)
• Wire up Control Devices (including but not limited to directional valves, limit and proximity
switches, start/stop controls, selector switches)
• Use of Welder and Torch
The candidate will:
• Know and follow the Plant Safety Rules to prevent injury to self and others.
• Know and follow the STOP program
• Know, understand and use the maintenance PM program
• Know, understand and use the part sign-out program
• Know, understand and use the parts request program
• Have mechanical aptitude and be willing to learn in order to improve knowledge base and
become proficient in several areas of maintenance
• Physical requirements include: Capable of lifting at least 50 pounds, walking of stairs, climbing
ladders, working off ladders, scaffolding and catwalks.
• Be willing to work any shift or weekends as assigned.
• Be willing and able to work under the supervision (and take instruction from) a more
experienced mechanic.
• Be able to do Basic skill of Fabrication (handrail, guards, etc.)
• Maintain a clean and organized work area
• Ability to perform other duties as assigned by the Manger or Supervisor of record for the
Maintenance Department.
• Have a valid Indiana State Drivers License.
• Have a valid fork truck license.
• Have a valid Boom and Scissor Lift license.
• Must have a High School degree or equivalent education
• Some college and/or expertise in electrical, hydraulics, pneumatics, fabricating, or similar skill.
• Must be mechanically adept
• Must have good work ethics
Mechanic I must be capable of servicing, troubleshooting, repairing and operating the following
#2 Oven, #2 Line Cooling Roller Section, #2 Recycle System, #4 Baler, #4 High Speed Pickers, #3
and #4 Blow Chamber, #4 Load out Conveyors, Drag Line, Air ring, troughs, Notches, All Fans,
Cyclones, Rotary Valves, Conveyors, Pad Room
Actual experience with the listed machinery may be substituted with proof of proper schooling and
or previous work experience elsewhere. This determination is at the discretion of Thermafiber

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