Maintenance Technician (FT/Rotating Shifts)

Position is responsible for repairing and installing production/manufacturing equipment. Inspects equipment for proper functioning and performs preventative maintenance duties per manufacturer's specifications. Diagnoses equipment malfunctions and makes repairs or adjustments as needed. Must have own hand tools.

This position requires continuous work near heat, noise, gas, and chemicals. The position requires frequent lifting, climbing, standing, walking, crouching, squatting, bending and kneeling. The position may require weekend and/or holiday work.
• Perform preventative maintenance on production equipment
• Repair all production equipment as needed
• Perform breakdown analysis
• Perform general housekeeping
• Upgrade production lines with new equipment/technology
• Work with outside contractors working on assigned line
• Change line for package changeovers
• Comply with GMP, safety, and audit standards
• Work independently under limited supervision (self-management)
• Documentation of work schedule and work tasks completed

• 18 years or older
• Pass the drug test; Pass the background check
• Pass technical assessment addressing job-critical maintenance knowledge areas
• Experience with mechanical systems (e.g., gear boxes, chains, sprockets, motors, seals, bearings).
• Experience with product manuals (e.g., reading and applying knowledge to make repairs).
• Experience with troubleshooting mechanical breakdowns (pinpointing and fixing breakdowns).
• Experience with reading mechanical drawings (e.g., hydraulics, pneumatics).

• Experience with basic electrical systems (e.g., starters, fuses, contacts, relays).
• Experience with compressors/ammonia systems (e.g., refrigeration systems).
• Experience with conveyers and airveyors (air cylinders, diverters, sensors, motor/speed controls).
• Experience with electrical systems (installation, frequency drive, troubleshooting)
• Experience with electronics (e.g., level probes, flow meters, drives/VFDs, etc.).
• Experience with gearing and gear boxes (rebuilds, ordering parts, machining parts).
• Experience with hydraulic systems (high pressure cylinders, pumps, valves, troubleshooting).
• Experience with kinematics (e.g., line speed/sprocket size ratios, etc.).Review rating instructions.
• Experience with packaging/high speed production (e.g., bottling, consumer products, etc.).
• Experience with PLC (e.g., industrial maintenance, computer control systems, etc.).
• Experience with pneumatics (solenoids, cylinders, motor brakes, reading, troubleshooting).
• Experience with pneumatics/air compression (e.g., valves, cylinders, etc.).
• Experience with preventative maintenance (computerized preventative charts/data).
• Experience with pumps (e.g., troubleshooting, replacing seals/motors, understanding specs).
• Experience with schematics (e.g., electrical blueprints with switches, starters, maps, relays).
• Experience with SERVO (e.g., intelligent/robotic motors, in-coders, etc.).
• Experience with troubleshooting (e.g., diagnostics, problem solving, etc.).
• Experience working in team based environments (working together with others).

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