Manager, Demand Generation and Integrated Marketing
Austin , Texas
December 15, 2017
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Startups are exciting. That's why we've never stopped. For over a century IBM has been a company of inventors and innovators. We power the most important industries on the planet--from finance to telecommunications to scientific research. You may not know it but there's hardly a part of your daily life that isn't touched by an IBM Systems client.
You're a multichannel marketing veteran and innovator and you know all the channels - digital, email, marketing automation, lead nurturing, paid media, SEO, events, print - you name it. So, let's talk about what you'll do. At IBM Systems, you'll invent things. A new way to tell a story. A smarter strategy. Better ways of working. You'll be part of a top-performing team who has fun, learns from failures and innovates every day. (You don't get to be 105 years old any other way.)
The IBM Systems team has first dibs on just about every cool pilot in the company. We're design thinkers who get to spend time honing new skills. We've changed the way IBM does marketing. Oh yeah, and we make mainframes - the Big Iron beneath the hood of just about everything big anyone's ever done with data - and all the data storage and software that it takes to build the next-gen IT infrastructure that can think, learn, predict, and compete in the cognitive era. For most, the future is coming. At IBM Systems, we're already delivering it.
If you like the idea of working on a legendary brand - yes, the one that invented the typewriter, the personal computer, the mainframe, and put a man on the moon - then come create with us and help amplify our voice.
IBM Systems leads in transformation. What we do for our clients, we're doing for ourselves all the time: reinventing, learning what it takes to stay ahead of technological shifts and building what comes next. We're good at change because we've never been afraid of it. If you're the same, join us in our next big reveal.
About Your Role
The manager is a multi-channel marketing veteran and innovator ready to jump in to provide vision and direction for a team of revenue marketers. Meanwhile, you'll roll up your own sleeves to build and execute campaign strategies, consult on best practices, and decipher and tune our funnel performance.
This role oversees all multichannel marketing initiatives empowering campaign managers to create amazing campaigns that drive results. We want you to help us develop a platform for excellence utilizing best practices, the latest technology and tactics and help drive adoption and results across all geographies. The Senior Campaign Manager role includes but is not limited to:
  • Go to Market:  Ability to translate go-to-market strategies to create high-converting campaigns aligned with-and activating-business objectives.
  • Business Knowledge:  Understand the marketing intelligence behind the segment, the opportunity in the market, customer and prospect behavior and outcomes desired, clearly articulate and differentiate the solution/product in the market.
  • Digital Savvy & Multi-Channel-Tuned:  Create & execute compelling end-to-end digital experiences and seamlessly link these experiences to events and other key channels.
  • Strategic Tactic Mix:  Expertly use digital and non-digital tactics at each stage of the buyer's journey. Identify and create investment plan across all channels.
  • End to End Execution: Deep understanding of all components that lead to execution - design, deploy, measure, optimize.
  • Response & Lead Management:  Understand, define and execute end to end lead management across buyer journey.  Includes front end campaign instrumentation, use of scoring tools/logic, results/ actions with IOTs to meet marketing objectives (create & influence).
  • Marketing Automation:  Deep understanding of Unica 9.1 / marketing automation capabilities. Leverage capabilities to drive campaign strategy, how to glean actionable insights/outcomes from results to optimize the project for maximum return and deployment effectiveness.
  • Collaborative Influence:  Ability to influence and drive diamond teams and other constituents (sales, IOTs, CHQ) to meet objectives.
  • Data Devotee:  Love data and use analytics to constantly measure and optimize campaign performance.  Activate data scientists & analytics community to work on your behalf.  Understand and link sales & marketing data.
    • Measurement & Analytics:  Ensure measurability across buyer journey. Set objectives / KPIs.  Establish baseline. Share results and insights with key stakeholders always with an action plan in mind.
    • Optimization & Testing:  Develop comprehensive testing plan with a "never-stop" approach to optimization. Collaborate with analysts, digital and campaigns teams to leverage tools to design tests and evaluate KPIs. Test, Measure, Test, Measure, Test Measure.
    • Campaign Efficiency & ROI:  Enable and drive campaign efficiency & ROI metrics to modify investment levels and drive overall campaign strategies.
  • Talent Management & Development
    • Hire, train, monitor, and measure the performance of the campaigns team.
    • Develop and refine scalable processes across the team to build complex high-performing campaigns from end to end.
    • Manage freelance/agency resources to create, deliver and optimize campaign strategy and deliverables.
This role is located in IBM offices in Austin, TX.
Must have the ability to work in the US without current/future need for IBM sponsorship.
Do work that matters.
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A little about us:
IBM is the world’s largest information technology company with more than 360,000 employees serving clients in 170 countries.

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