Manager, Digital Product Management

1750 Tysons (12023), United States of America, McLean, Virginia

Manager, Digital Product Management

In the Consumer Bank, we’ve combined that human-centered design with our heritage of data-driven decision-making to design, build and test our way to truly enabling financial experiences. We’ve challenged ourselves to spend less time planning, more time doing, and, above all else, to see the world through the eyes of our customers as they work to understand and manage their money.

There’s no better place to understand and solve those human problems than our retail branches – after all that’s exactly where technology and face-to-face banking conversations take place. But most bank branches are the same today as they were decades ago. Walk in one, you’ll see fussy décor, paper and pens, posters and brochures, and oh… did I mention the queuing ropes that make you feel like you’re at the DMV? We want to revolutionize that experience!

We are a team of product managers, engineers, analysts and designers who are passionate about bringing technology, hospitality, and humanity to our branches. Our transformation will be felt through modern physical design, associates who are coaching and guiding first instead of selling, and we will empower associates and customers with digital products that will be a cornerstone for this revolution. If you dig human factors, and want to bring the physical and digital experiences together to totally transform hundreds of branches that serve

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